Cash For Car Removal Hamilton Explains How They Value Scrap Cars


If your car no longer functions and only sits in the garage or somewhere on your property accumulating so much dust, then you may be thinking of scrapping it and getting good money in return. While millions of old vehicles are sold and crushed every year in New Zealand, not everyone can have a good profit from scrapping their cars.

To ensure you get the most out of your scrap car, you need to know how car scrap removal services determine your scrap car value. In this article, you’ll learn more about cash for scrap car removal services like Cash for Cars Hamilton and what factors they consider when determining scrap car value.

1. Price Rate For Scrap Metal

The first factor removal services like Cash for Cars in Hamilton consider when determining the value of your car is the current scrap metal price rates. Typically, the demand and supply for scrap metals change daily, affecting their prices.

Most of your car’s weight comes from metal scraps, including steel and aluminum. Thus, the majority of your scrap car’s value is affected by the current prices of these two metals.

Scrap metal prices are often based on supply and demand; however, it is also affected by several factors such as the cost of energy, the global economy’s condition, and geographical location. Thus, the best time to sell your scrap car for cash is when demand for scrap metals is high.

2. Car Make And Model

Your old car’s make and model can also determine its value. Certain car models alongside their manufacturing years have more demand than others in the scrap market.

For instance, if it’s a commonly driven car from Toyota or Nissan, then the car parts are more likely to have higher values because there’s a high demand for replacement parts.

In addition, the year also affects your scrap car’s value. This is because the materials used for making cars have evolved through the years. While older cars from specific years have heavy metal work on them, modern cars are designed to be eco-friendlier. Thus, they may contain less steel and aluminum, which plays a significant role in determining your scrap value.

That said, Cash For Cars removal Hamilton and other junkyards may also prefer recent models, fetching good prices on the market. Depending on the damage, junkyards may repair recent models and resell them.

3. Condition

The car’s condition also matters in how Cash for Cars removal Hamilton determines your car’s scrap value and what they’ll do with it.

In general, a drivable car with intact and working basic components can fetch a good price because the company may be able to restore and resell it. However, if your junk car is severely damaged or the costs to repair the car are too high, the dealer may only choose to salvage its parts.

Moreover, missing parts can also bring down the value of your car, especially if you’ve stripped high-value components such as the transmission, steering rack, and engine. These items have the highest scrap value, so their absence can make your scrap car less valuable.

Therefore, you may expect a car that’s been neglected for years and already deteriorating due to rusting to have a lower price value. This is because rust eats away the metal parts of your car, reducing its usability and recyclability and lowering the car’s value.

4. Your Location

Car removal services also consider several location-based considerations to determine the value of your scrap cars.

As mentioned, the price of scrap metal varies depending on geographical location. Furthermore, the popularity of specific vehicles in an area also determines the market rate for your scrap car and its parts.

Lastly, your distance from the scrap yards is also a significant consideration. The distance between you and the scrap yard can determine whether they’ll charge extra for transporting your car and its parts. If you live in a different state and the car doesn’t run anymore, then you may need to pay extra to transport the car and its parts, or the company may subtract it from the total value of your scrap car.


A car that has reached its working life span or got severely damaged beyond repair can still provide you with a good amount of money. Each scrap car is still worth something, and car scrap buying companies can buy yours for its body, materials, and other functional parts. Depending on the factors mentioned in this article, your scrap car can still be valuable enough for you while you get rid of the unpleasant-looking bulky trash on your property.


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