How to Negotiate the Best Price on a New Car

How to Negotiate the Best Price on a New Car

The Internet era has brought new tools to the negotiating table when you’re planning to buy a new car – and since the Web’s advantages tend to favor buyers, you shouldn’t neglect these resources, since you can potentially save a considerable amount of money using them. Once you’ve test-driven the vehicle and … Read more

What are Car Dealer Doc Fees

Documentation fees, or doc fees, are sums charged by a car dealership over and above the price of the car itself, to cover paperwork expenses. The expenses covered include preparing and handling titles, registrations, and other administrative processes involved in transferring ownership of a car to you, the end purchaser. Inquiring about … Read more

How Much do Car Salesmen Make

My, how the times have changed. The brash, in-your-face car salesmen depicted in Hollywood movies before the turn of the 21st century has given way to a more subtle approach to presenting and ultimately closing the deal on new and used car sales. Has the transformation of the car salesman changed how … Read more

When is The Best Time of Year to Buy a New Car

Even in today’s modern world with its artificial heating, cooling, and lighting, the timeless seasonal cycles still impact human activities – giving rise to the question of what time of year is best for purchasing a new car. Of course, the very best time to buy a car is when you need … Read more