Choosing the Right Type of Exhaust for Your Vehicle Made Easy


Do you want to upgrade your car with an aftermarket exhaust system? Here’s a guide that makes it easy to choose the right type of exhaust for your vehicle.

Let’s say you’re cruising on down the road one day. The sun is shining, the roads are clear, and your car is running perfectly. All of a sudden, fumes start to leak out of your engine.

Poison gases cloud the air! Madness and pandemonium ensue! The End of Days is upon us!

Was that a little much? Ok, so your car doesn’t spew out fumes like an early 1900s factory, but having a proper exhaust is critical for keeping this in check along with so much else.

But this opens up the doors to a brand new question. What kind of exhaust do you need to get exactly what you want?

Well, ponder no longer! We’re here to tell you how to choose the right type of exhaust for your car! So click those seatbelts on, cause we’re heading out!

Why Should You Get A Custom Exhaust System?

So what reasons do you have to not stick to your guns and go with your car’s default exhaust system? Well, for starters, purchasing performance exhaust systems like AWE Exhaust from sites like will give your engine a boost.

They accomplish this by allowing the plethora of gases produced through internal combustion that build up in the engine to escape the car easier. When this combusted material leaves the car, it allows the engine to renew the process again. Thus, the quicker the gas cycles out of the car, the faster the engine creates more power.

This also allows your engine to not tax itself so much, which can increase the overall lifespan of your engine. Exhaust systems also have a key piece called a catalytic converter, which helps to reduce the environmental destruction car fumes can wreak on the planet. Check out XFORCE exhaust systems online for enhancing your engine performance. XFORCE provides the ultimate quality on the exhaust market with competitive prices.

Finally, some people opt for tricked-out exhaust systems because they can increase the noise or rev of the engine. So, if you ever wanted to have your car sound like it’s straight out of the Fast and the Furious movies, this is your chance.

How To Differentiate The “Right” Type Of Exhaust

So now that you know what exhaust systems do for you, what types are there for you to choose from?

The three primary types of exhausts are the axle-back exhaust system, the cat-back exhaust system, and the header-back exhaust system. Header-back systems tend to involve a complete re-haul of the exhaust system to optimize the performance of the said system. These are the most effective systems but also sit as the most expensive of them all too.

The cat-back exhaust system affects modifying the exhaust system from behind the catalytic converter. They don’t offer the same power of header-back systems but are more affordable. As a bonus, they achieve high marks in emissions tests and boast the classic engine roar that die-hard car enthusiasts crave.

Last but not least, axle-back systems modify even less of the system, covering an area from the rear axle to the very endpoint of the exhaust pipe. This makes them the cheapest of the three options but sacrifices power for that affordability.

Even More Customizations

If you think that’s the end of how much creativity you have with tricking out your exhaust system, boy do you have a surprise waiting for you! Settle down, it’s not a “free car” kind of surprise. To put it frankly, it’s a mass bevy of customization options that will sit at your disposal.

One customization option to consider is what material you want the system to be built out of. The top-line option is often stainless steel: it’s the most durable and resists conditions like rust with ease. On the flip side, stainless steel carries a heavy price tag and proves difficult to weld due to its durability.  You need a specialized welder for the exhaust pipe to weld it efficiently.

The other main material option is aluminized or mild steel. In the pro category, this metal is affordable, user-friendly, and aluminized steel has a special coating to improve its lifespan. On the downside, this steel (especially mild steel) is altogether frailer than its stainless counterpart.

Different aftermarket exhaust systems also have various configurations of pipe bending to choose from. The main two types are crush bending and mandrel bending. Crush bending is simple(relatively speaking), but is also prone to mistakes.

By inserting a pipe to prevent pipe breaks during the bending, mandrel bending reduces the number of defects the bent pipe will end with, leading to a better product. However, by adding extra steps, this process costs more money and time.

Twisting And Turning Through The Pipes

Finally, there is the configuration of your exhaust system to consider. If you go with a single exhaust, you’ll be saving money in the bank while going with the tried-and-true option. Big, badass sports cars tend to go with the dual exhaust option, which lends itself better to more engine power and sound.

Dual crossover exhaust systems overlay pipes to reduce the amount of pressure that builds up inside it. Growing more popular over the years as a result of this efficiency, the downside of this method comes with the time it takes to install it in the car.

Dual exit systems are the last kind, though they are little more than an aesthetic tune-up of the single exhaust system. As such, they tend to share all the standard pros and cons of those systems.

And in case you’re thinking about saving the environment, different catalytic converters also have different levels of efficiency. So going for the high-end option will reduce the carbon footprint your car has on the planet overall.

Ladies And Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Now that you know which all about the different configurations of aftermarket exhaust systems and which type of exhaust is the right fit for you, what will you do?

If you need more information about all things cars or tricking out your ride to be the most badass it can be, check out the other posts on our blog!

So rev those engines loud and proud. All we ask is you don’t do it at 2 in the morning: we need our sleep.

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