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Despite the availability of various types of cryptocurrency on the market, bitcoin remains the most popular and widely used. This is largely due to the fact that it is a pioneer and works all over the world. Bitcoin was created as a universal payment system based on a decentralized blockchain system that allows transactions through transparent schemes, which ensures the security of users’ wallets. If you don’t already know, how to make bitcoins, please keep reading or visit our comprehensive guide here.

Ways to earn bitcoins

There are several ways that you can follow to make bitcoins fall into your wallet. The most popular of them is mining. However, other ways are no less profitable and convenient, so they are also worth considering. Here they are.

  • Mining. It’s a kind of competition between users who work on a particular task to develop blockchain technology, and the best get rewarded. This is made automatically by machines, but users have to make some investment to buy them. The process is extremely competitive and energy-consuming.
  • Cloud mining. It works on the principle of conventional mining. The main difference is that users do not need to invest in equipment – the processes are run in the cloud-based solution. You just need to find a provider, create an account, and buy a hash contract.
  • Playing games. The easiest way to monetize the hobby. Professional gamers can make quite a fortune on crypto reward games! All you have to do is successfully pass the levels. For those who are not much into games, it’s a good opportunity to make money at leisure.
  • Task completing. If you don’t like to waste time playing games, you can monetize more useful tasks. For example, taking surveys, helping to test various programs and applications, promoting social media channels, etc. Actually, there are so many tasks, from monetizing scrolling web pages to creating marketing content. It all depends on your interests and skills.
  • Writing. One of the most intellectually challenging ways to earn cryptocurrency. However, if you love your writing job or you have a lot of free time and writing skills, you can make good money!
  • Airdrops. If you have your own audience, for example, you’re a blogger or an influencer, this method is for you. Just share a link to a new crypto product and you will be rewarded. No investment is needed here, just help promote.


  • Bounties. Similar to airdrops, this method is for programmers and developers. Specialists are paid to improve the software component of the systems on which all existing and emerging cryptocurrencies operate.
  • Crypto staking. The same principle as in the stock exchange. Your portfolio can be passive or you can constantly update it by reselling BTC assets at bargain prices. You can also create a savings account.
  • Web surfing. This method works in special browsers that have a built-in mining system. By surfing the web, spending time on social media, and consuming other content online, you earn bitcoins. A referral program is also available.


The methods described above, are not the complete list that describes all opportunities and shows how to make bitcoins. But it’s enough to decide which one fits you most.


Make a decision based on what you like to do and what is more comfortable for you. This will be the best way to understand, how successful your bitcoin hunting will be. Before choosing a platform and method, don’t forget to check its safety and legality in your country.

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