Essential Protective Toyota Land Cruiser Parts and Accessories


The Toyota Landcruiser is one of Australia’s most popular 4WDs and for a good reason – it’s one of the most reliable and long-lasting 4WDs that can tackle any of Australia’s diverse terrains.

It’s Toyota’s longest-running series of models, with the first generation starting production back in 1951. It’s been produced in many different body styles, including hardtop, cab chassis, convertible and station wagon. If you’re a proud Landcruiser owner, who wants to take full advantage of your vehicle’s capabilities and put it to the test, then great – you’re in for a world of fun and excitement.

However, as reliable and durable as the Landcruiser is, you should consider investing in aftermarket Toyota Landcruiser Accessories that enhance its protection even further, in order to ensure you’re well-protected against the hazards that come with driving off the beaten trail.

Furthermore, you may want to consider getting accessories such as a roof rack, towing, and recovery equipment for obvious reasons. Let’s discuss these accessories in detail, so you can have a thorough understanding of the value they provide when you venture off the road.

Protective Toyota Land Cruiser Parts and Accessories

Bull Bars

Bull bars are the most popular 4WD accessory for off-roading. It offers much-needed protection against impact in the most vulnerable area of every vehicle. The engine, cooling system, and basically all the other Landcruiser parts that are responsible for keeping your vehicle running are located in the front.

Moreover, bull bars can serve as an attachment point for a variety of other 4WD accessories, including a winch, extra driving lights, a UHF antenna, and more. But how do you choose the right bull bar? With so many different models available today, finding one that provides the best value for your money can prove to be quite difficult. Well, there are a few factors you need to consider.

First and foremost, you need to consider the fit. Bull bars are made to fit a specific vehicle model and make, and most of them can only fit models made in a certain range of years. Getting the right fit will ensure a seamless installation that doesn’t require extra drilling. This is pretty straightforward to get right – all you have to do is find a four wheel drive accessories online store that offers bull bars made specifically for your Toyota Landcruiser.

Next, you need to consider the material. Bull bars are generally made of three materials – steel, aluminium and plastic. Steel is the strongest material out of the three, which is why those who partake in extreme off-roading look at it as the only viable choice. However, on the downside, steel is also the heaviest, so unless you intend on putting your Landcruiser through a ton of abuse, you should steer away from it in order to preserve your fuel economy.

Aluminium bull bars are also very strong, with the added benefit of being much lighter than steel. For that reason, they’re the most popular choice among more casual off-roaders. However, as a result, aluminium bull bars can be on the more expensive end. Lastly, plastic bull bars are generally reserved for on-road use, as they offer very little in terms of protection. On the upside, plastic bull bars are quite affordable, and they can completely transform the look of your Toyota Landcruiser.

Lastly, you need to consider whether the bull bar you’re looking at is ADR approved and features mounting points for extra accessories. Quality bull bars are ADR approved by default, and you should avoid those that aren’t. Additionally, you should prioritise bull bars that feature mounting points for accessories like winches, driving lights, as well as come with rated towing and high-lift jack points. The rated towing and high-lift jack points are another testament to the quality of the bull bar, as it means the bull bar has been inspected by an independent, third-party engineer for approval.

Bash Plates

Bash Plates

Bash plates protect the underside of your Toyota Landcruiser against impact. They are either made of steel or aluminium, for the same reasons as bull bars. Quality bash plates come with rubber separations to improve shock absorption and noise reduction, as well as external reinforcement ribs and holes to drain dirt off and keep the chassis clean. That being said, not only do they improve the protection of your Landcruiser’s undercarriage, but they also improve passenger comfort.

Installing them is pretty straightforward. However, the installation process can vary based on your Landcruiser model and the bash plate itself. Some products take advantage of existing pan bolts, while others require drilling.

Bonnet and Headlight Protectors

Bonnet and headlight protectors are affordable Toyota Landcruiser accessories that you should definitely have on your must-have list. As their name implies, bonnet protectors protect your bonnet against scratches, bugs, and everything else that you may come across while driving off the road. There are many different types of bonnet protectors, with most of them falling into two basic categories – standard and low profile.

Standard profile bonnet protectors can improve your Landcruiser’s aerodynamics and thus, slightly improve fuel economy. Low profile bonnet protectors don’t offer as much in terms of protection as their standard counterparts, so they’re usually reserved for on-road use and improving the aesthetic appeal of your Toyota.

In terms of how they can be mounted, bonnet protectors are separated into two categories – tape-on and bolt-on. The two mounting methods are self-explanatory – tape-on bonnet protectors are taped using double-sided foam tape, whereas bolt-on protectors are bolted onto the bonnet. The first method is much simpler, whereas the latter may require some drilling and fitting brackets under your Toyota’s bonnet.

Headlight protectors are generally made from thin, durable plastic. Headlight protectors are extremely popular for off-roading, as they offer much-needed protection to your headlights from scratches, light impact, dust and grime. Additionally, they make it easier to maintain your headlights, as all you need is to wash them with water and mild soap every now and then, and your headlights will look as good as new. They’re also easy to install – all you have to do is attach them over the headlights, and they’ll adhere for years to come.


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