Facts on texting whilst driving

The statistics

A number of facts have shown that texting whilst driving is very common amongst teenagers and can be very dangerous. A large number of accidents have occurred due to distracted driving, approximately 3,142 people were killed in 2020 from car crashes due to distracted driving. It was also reported seven percent of drivers involved were aged between 15-20 years old. These statistics show that attempting to multitask whilst behind the wheel is very dangerous not only to you but also other drivers around you and can be life threatening. However, it is not just phones that can cause distractions when driving, talking to passengers also takes your eyes and brain off of driving. Since teenagers are likely to have little experience driving it is crucial they face no distractions when driving. As technology is developing new and bigger distractions will be made so it is crucial parents enforce the idea of safe and engaged driving onto their children and set a good example of this for them.

The benefits of engaged driving

The most obvious benefit of not being on your phone whilst driving is that you will be able to pay much better attention to your surroundings when driving, meaning you are much less likely to be involved in a crash if you are always alert and paying attention, but it also means you are a good citizen following the law. It is important for parents to educate their children on alternatives to using your phone whilst driving, like finishing all your calls before you start driving or get directions before you start driving. It is also important parents do not call their children whilst driving as they may feel the need to answer or be guilty if they don’t. To avoid this, parents should call before their children start to drive or check in with them once they safely get to their destination. It is quite beneficial for teens to set up the do not disturb setting on their iPhones as a way to prevent any distractions from their phone and to let others know they are driving and so cannot answer the phone. Since Apple has been developing a new upgrade has been created to avoid distracted driving by sending automated messages to people without the driver knowing. Also hands free devices have been created for further safety, so you can get a perfect hands free device for any cell phone.

The facts

To further our understanding of who is the most at risk of distracted driving, studies have been conducted and in 2019 it was found that thirty nine percent of students had reported sending emails or text messages whilst driving. It is also quite a commonly known fact that teenagers who text whilst driving also participate in other dangerous activities whilst driving, such as speeding and running red lights. Young adults were also reported to be less likely to wear a seat belt whilst driving and would willingly get in a car with a driver who was drinking or would engage in drunk driving themselves.