Find Addresses With License Plate Information: Your Guide


Finding the address information connected to a specific license plate can be a challenge, as there are not many authorized reasons that this information is released to the general public. Our article discusses what might count as an authorized reason, who can access the address information associated with license plates, and methods for safely and legally investigating this information.

Why Search for an Address With License Plate Information

Individuals often have varying reasons for wanting to find an address with license plate information. However, not every reason is eligible to be granted this information – the personal information connected to license plates is generally protected for privacy reasons. Below, we list the most common authorized reasons that this information is searched for.

  • Law enforcement may search for this information as part of an investigation, such as tracking down a hit-and-run suspect, product recall, or theft suspect.
  • Insurance agencies investigating or verifying a claim may request this information.
  • Agencies that are performing market research seek out this information.
  • Companies or individuals attempting to verify an individual’s identity occasionally seek this information.

Not many other reasons are accepted when it comes to obtaining the address information associated with a license plate, but this depends on specific state laws.

Figuring Out an Address With License Plate Information: Your Next Steps

The process of figuring out an address with only license plate information can be difficult, as different laws protect this information. Below, we discuss what your potential steps could be when it comes to obtaining this information.

Understanding Your Access

In most states, there are laws surrounding who is allowed to find addresses with license plate information. These laws help protect individuals from crimes like stalking, identity theft, or harassment, and they make it more difficult for sensitive information to be publicly accessible.

Your first step to figuring out if you can access address information that’s connected to a license plate is researching the laws in your state to see what is eligible for public record and who can file a request for this information.

Contact Your Local DMV

Contacting your local DMV is an easy way to determine if you can request address information about a certain license plate. The DMV will be able to tell you if that information is public record; if it is, they will tell you how to access it.

In the states that allow this, you will need to file a formal request complete with information about yourself and potentially a reason why you want the information. You may need to pay a fee and wait a certain amount of time for the information to be returned to you.

Contact the Police

If you are not allowed to access the address information of a license plate, you can speak with the police in your jurisdiction. This is especially important if you are trying to find someone’s address because of a crime, such as a hit-and-run or stalking. The police will investigate the crime you report, and once the investigation is closed, you can request the investigation records. The name and address of the person who owns the license plate will most likely be listed on these records.

Perform Internet Searches

A DIY way of trying to find an address associated with a specific license plate is to perform internet searches. You can search by a picture if you took a snapshot of the license plate or plug the information into Google to see what comes up. Keep in mind that playing detective and attempting to seek justice for a crime by yourself is likely not a good idea, and using any information you gain on the internet to harass someone is a crime.

Internet searches are a good tool to point you in the right direction of address information, but if you are searching in the case of a crime, make an effort to alert the police first. Also, be wary of any website offering free, no-strings-attached information about license plates, as these are often scams designed to get your personal information.

Obtaining the Information You Need

There are many reasons to want to discover the address information associated with a license plate number, such as investigating a hit-and-run, identity verification, and market research. However, only certain authorized individuals are allowed to obtain the address information that belongs to license plates; varying state laws govern what is disclosable via the DMV or other sources.

You can always use an information search tool to attempt to locate an individual’s information via their address, phone number, or other important information. However, keep in mind that you are not allowed to use any of the information you gain to plan or commit a crime. As long as you adhere to these important rules, you should obtain the necessary information in no time.

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