Get Ready For An Online Used Car Dealerships In The UK

Why Are Dealerships Moving Online?

What Are The Problems With Moving Online?

Can Dealerships Exist Online?

Tips For An Online Used Car Dealerships

Moving online is something that many used car dealerships in the UK have been doing for a while, and 2020 created the ‘perfect’ storm for this move.

Virtual presence of used car dealerships’ have changed how you buy an automobile completely.

It also begs the question: is this the new normal? To answer that, we’d first have to look at:

Why Are Dealerships Moving Online?

As we mentioned before, 2020 has presented the automotive industry with obstacles – Covid-19 has affected car dealerships in surprising ways.

Many have moved online to keep up with distancing rules, and even the switch to electronic vehicles has played a part. On top of that, a delayed Brexit deal for the UK has flooded the marketplace with people wanting to buy a car and get ahead of potential price hikes.

But not to worry, we’ve still seen signs of a rising turnover at used car dealerships.

These issues call into question the practicality of physical dealerships. Plus, consumers have become more used to the one-click style of purchasing, so it isn’t entirely unsurprising that dealerships are moving online.

What Are The Problems With Moving Online?

There are still many potential problems that arise with this online transition.

First of all, many key workers rely on cars for transport, so they need to have options available. We’re also at a time of the year when motor finance contracts expire, which means people are deliberating new upgrades.

Second, car dealerships aren’t packed with shoppers at the best of times, so all of this calls into question why they haven’t been allowed to continue to operate?

Figures show that many people are still purchasing quality used cars. So how do dealerships create a user-friendly online experience to keep up?

What is the best way to show off their cars for buyers making a large investment?

Can Dealerships Exist Online?

Even with these doubts, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. A recent ‘WhatCar?’ study found that 35% of buyers would skip a showroom viewing for a virtual tour.

Many buyers have found that drop-off-and-drive services suit them even better, and dealerships now have to adapt to buyers who don’t want to test drive a vehicle first.

Still, it begs the question: will virtual showrooms ever replace in-person viewings?

Tips For An Online Used Car Dealership

It remains to be seen whether ‘online used car dealerships’ will replace physical presence of car dealerships. However, there are some things that dealerships in the UK can do to ensure a smooth transition.

Consider Their Listings

Think about how you can stand out from the crowd from other dealerships selling the same cars.

How can photos of your vehicles catch a buyer’s attention? Are all the details you’d expect with a face-to-face sale displayed clearly?

Now more than ever is the time for transparency with the buyer.

Trade-In Valuations

Valuations, without seeing the trade-in vehicle, have been common for some time.

So this shouldn’t be the hardest thing for an online used car dealership.

Virtual Showroom Experience

With the popularity of video-calling, can you offer your customers a virtual tour?

This can give your employees more purpose and build a sense of trust with potential buyers.

People want to be informed, so it’s about offering the most needed services when possible.

Adhere To Social Distancing

When dropping off cars, make sure to stick to hygiene standards and distancing rules. Highlight that these rules will be followed. Make sure to streamline the process for customers, so they are well-informed and feel safe.

With the combination of Brexit and Covid-19, the UK used car dealership has had to adapt to this change to stay relevant.

But, it remains to be seen whether ‘Virtual Used Car Dealerships’ will become the new norm in the UK. UK car dealerships can still make the virtual experience rewarding, though and with the right set-up, online car dealerships can still thrive.

Now is a great time to get yourself a used car. The move to online purchasing has loads of advantages for buyers that can help you explore every option and find some brag-worthy used car deals during coronavirus.

By using a trustworthy dealer like Hilton Car Supermarket, you can be sure that you’ll find a high quality and reliable car that perfectly suits your needs.

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