How Do I Increase the Value of My Used Car for Sale?


Are you selling your car?

Every car owner who’s ever sold a car wishes they could’ve squeezed more money out of it. The dollar figure in your head usually isn’t the same amount of money you can get in the real world.

And that’s the unfortunate truth.

But there are ways you to make your car shine in the eyes of prospective buyers. Here are a few workarounds you can do to get the most cheese out of your wheels.

Selling a car isn’t rocket science. You can trade it in, post it online or stick a “For Sale” sign on the window. Easy peasy, right? If you want to sell at a losing price, then sell your car “as is”. But if you’re going to get paid more, you have to raise your car’s value.

Tip 1: Your Car has to be in Excellent Shape

Your car has to be in tip-top shape if you want to get top dollar for it. Used car buyers can be discerning, and will look for a vehicle that drives great and has no visible cosmetic issues. Take the time to identify everything you need to have repaired. Ask around different car shops for quotes on the work.

We’re talking about working on all the dings, scratches and scrapes on your car’s exterior. Each dent and scratch can hurt the car’s value. Also, have all the mechanical work done to ensure the vehicle purrs like a kitten and pulls like a horse. You don’t want the buyer of your car to think you’re selling a lemon car.

Tip 2: Get Your Documents Ready

Your car’s history can also play a big part when you want to sell it. Buyers will look for car service records and other documents to make sure that the vehicle was well taken care of. If you’re selling a car, but you’re not the original owner, get a car check by vin number to make sure you’re not handing off a car with a troubled past.

Tip 3: Get a Showroom Shine

Take your car to a professional auto-detailing shop to get the old shine back. Regular wax won’t cut it, especially for older vehicles. Ask for a “three-step” procedure that takes care of all blemishes and paint oxidation.

The three-step process is to restore, revive and protect your car’s paint job, giving it a beautiful mirror finish. You may have second thoughts on selling your car after you have it detailed!

Tip 4: Check Your Car’s Tires

Tires are expensive, and they’re one of the first things a car buyer or dealer inspects when looking at a vehicle. Each worn-out tire can bring the value of your car down, so make sure you outfit your auto with new tires before it goes on sale. You don’t need to spend on high-end brands, either. Affordable tires will do the trick, as long as they’re new.

Tip 5: Keep it Stock

We know you love your car’s sound setup and oversized rims. But non-stock accessories hold little value when selling a car unless you’re selling to a fellow enthusiast. Loaded cars have a niche market, and it may take a while before you can sell. Not all buyers will appreciate a loud sound system or low-profile tires. You need to keep it stock if you want to get the best value for your car.

Tip 6: Cut out the Middle Man

Taking your car to a dealer is the easiest way to sell it, but car salesmen are experts at buying and selling used vehicles. There’s no way to out-hustle a hustler, so unless you’re dealing with a super honest salesman, you won’t be getting the price you want. Dealers will always low-ball you.

Your best bet is to cut out the middle man and look for direct buyers. Use social media, car forums, eBay, Craigslist and other buy & sell sites to post that your car is for sale. Ask your network of friends and family if they know someone looking to buy a used car that’s in excellent shape.

There are plenty of ways to up the value of your car if you plan on selling it. The tips above cover it all, so make sure you follow them. Good luck on your search for a buyer!


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