How do I make Chrome look new again?


Chrome is the most important part of any car whether it is a sports car or just a daily driven sedan or hatchback because it gives elegant looks to the car and decides the beauty and shape of your baby.

But sadly on the other hand chrome of the car is the most neglected part when it comes to cleaning and taking care of them. Car body aluminum is the most neglected part when it comes to cleaning.

A true detailer and a car guy knew the importance of chrome when it comes to the looks of the car.

So here, after research and advice from the experts, we share with you the complete chrome care guide in steps.

You will need

  • Bucket
  • Microfiber towel
  • Brush
  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • Soap
  • Aluminum foil or steel wool
  • Water pipe
  • Chrome polish
  • Applicator pads

If you are confused in buying the chrome polish as they are different for different types of chrome and for different scenarios Top car care products have mentioned the best chrome polish for different types and scenarios.

1. Washing of chrome

Washing comes first whether it’s about any part of the car as there is a lot of bugs and dirt already there to spoil the chrome.

So, bring out the bucket along with the non-abrasive sponge, water pipe, and car wash soap to move further in this step.

Fill warm water in the bucket and add soap to it. If you have a small portion of chrome to be cleaned then we can go away with a bucket and apply water and soap directly to the chrome.

Clean the chrome area with the sponge after being dipped in the soapy water and after that wash it with the clean water

2. Cleaning and drying

After the first step brings out the microfiber towel to clean the extra water from the chrome and use compressed air to dry out that area OR we can leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to dry it naturally.

3. Removing rust and tiny scratches

We all know that chrome and other metals attract rust. As time passes chrome also gets rust on it and makes it look dirty.

Chrome is the most beautiful part of any car no doubt but when it gets rusty at the same time it becomes the ugliest part in the car as it is the most observed part in the car.

For this process, we can use aluminum foil OR steel wool to bring that sticky rust out.

We prefer aluminum foil over steel wool as aluminum is a softer metal than chrome and does very little to no harm on that chrome. Rub that foil and bring the rust out. Trust me you won’t be trusting your eyes after seeing the results and won’t be able to identify that it is your car which was having a dark black chrome being converted to shiny and its original color and body.

4. Polishing a chrome

Last but not least we have our favorite step. Yes, that’s true it is polishing that most of the people do it without washing the chrome first But trust me washing is very important.

Bring your bad dude chrome polish out now it is his time to show some results.

We can apply the polish by simply using polishing applicators OR polisher machines if the area is big.

There are other types of polishes as well like spray waxes which can be used by simply spraying it over the surface and cleaning with the microfiber towel afterward.

To protect your chrome for a longer period of time we can use wax to add a protective layer over it.

Does steel wool cause any harm to the chrome?

Steel wool is hard and tough as compared to other options in the market like aluminum foil.

Yes, we can use steel wool as well but at the end of the day we are using metal over metal and we have to be very careful and light on pressure. On the other hand, aluminum is soft as compared to chrome so that would be a better option to go with.

Can we use vinegar to clean chrome?

Yes, we can use vinegar as well but due to its acidic nature and slow in removing the rust we highly recommend going with the chrome polish as it is made for this job.


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