How New Technology Can Factor into Car Accident Claims in Michigan

New technology has slowly started to change how authorities and institutions process car accident claims in Michigan. Here is a look at some of the modern technology that assists in various aspects of car accident claims in MI, as well as how they might even factor into your claim.

Dashboard Cameras and Other Recording Devices Provide Unbiased Evidence

Dashboard cameras, or dashcams, have become quite ubiquitous in automobiles. Many modern cars and other vehicles come with dashcams as a standard or easy add-on. When it comes to car accidents, dashcams can provide a wealth of relevant information. For example, a dashcam can show things like:

  • Who was at fault
  • Exactly how the accident occurred
  • Weather and road conditions at the time of the accident
  • If any witnesses saw the accident

Dashcams help prevent false or fraudulent claims because they capture the actual event. These devices can help a great deal when making your claim after a car accident.

Accident Reconstruction Software Can Piece Together What Most Likely Happened

Did you know about the computer programs that can simulate an accident and analyze how it most likely occurred? Accident reconstruction software uses complex models involving physics, math, and engineering to recreate an accident for a closer look at what might have caused it. For example, the models can help determine things like:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Momentum
  • Force
  • Trajectory

These and other factors can contribute to a visual model of the accident. With accident reconstruction software, an attorney can help add a lot more weight to a client’s claims.

Artificial Intelligence Can Put Together All the Pieces

There’s a growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a means of learning more about, dealing with, and preventing accidents. A lot of that growth comes from the necessity of using AI in self-driving vehicles, but AI technology can also help with solving problems when it comes to car accidents in several ways.

Parsing large volumes of data

There are a lot of devices collecting information that can help with a car accident claim. Information can come from dashcams, smartphones, surveillance cameras, and many other places. AI models can help to collect all that disparate information and turn it into a cohesive narrative to help with an accident claim.

Doing the math based on the evidence

Compensation for claims can require a lot of math based on a lot of different particulars, especially when the compensation has to do with the percentage of fault. AI models can do the math required to assign liability and calculate compensation based on the rules and inputs given. In this way, compensation can become fair and equitable with very little room for doubt.

These are just some of the ways AI can change the landscape of car accidents and there’s a lot more happening now and coming regarding these aspects of AI.

Despite all the technological advancements out there, it’s still important that you choose a reputable car accident attorney in Michigan to help you traverse all that comes with a car accident claim. Your attorney will know how best to use the available technology to give your claim the best chance.