How to Install a Gun Safe in Your Car

A gun is one of the best protection tools you can carry around. Hence, gaining possession of a firearm comes with several responsibilities. For one, you have to make sure this protection tool doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. You also have to make sure it is secure at all times.

Many people carry guns around for various reasons, such as a personal want or a necessity for travel. Hence, having a gun safe in your car is essential for both of these reasons.

There are two main ways to install a gun safe in your car, visit Guns & Safety Reviews for a more in depth review but this article will explain a few methods to you.

Attaching by Cable

Attaching by cable is an efficient way of installing a gu safe in your car. Out of the two main methods, this is the more convenient method.

When you buy a gun safe, many of them include cables in the package.

Attaching by cables requires you to consider two factors. The first one is the location you want to put your gun safe.

Whatever place you pick, it should be easily accessible for you, and it must also be in a relatively concealed location. Ideally, this should be the bottom or side of the driver’s seat.

The second thing you should consider is what bars you can attach it to. For example, if you want to attach it to a seat’s side, it would be best to connect the gun safe with the cable to the nearest bar possible.

Attaching your gun safe by cable provides you with several benefits. One of them is mobility, which means you can quickly move this gun safe to another spot at any time. Another is the fact that it does far less damage to your car.

Bolting it Down Onto the Floor

Bolting your gun safe to the floor of your car is an equally acceptable way to install it.

You can do this in five steps:

  • Choose the location

The location of the gun safe in a car is critical. A gun becomes virtually useless if you can’t access it easily. Thus, make sure it’s near the driver’s seat and that it’s not obstructing you from the other car controls.

  • Draw lines around the area

The next thing to do is draw lines around the area you want to insert your gun safe. Make sure to do this with a material you can rub off later, such as chalk.

  • Cut out the carpet in that area

More often than not, the floor of a car is always covered with carpet. Hence, it is necessary you get rid of the carpet around the area you want to insert your gun safe.

  • Insert your gun safe

Next, insert your gun safe carefully, and make sure to follow the instructions while doing so. For extra measure, double-check if all the bolts are in place and secure.

Security and Simplicity is Essential

A gun is a vital tool to carry when you’re traveling. Luckily, the tips above would explain how best to install a gun safe in your car, protecting it from being misused.