How to make money by selling an out-of-operation catalytic converter for scrap?


Even though a vehicle provides its user all the advantages of free movement, maintenance is rather costly. Nevertheless, vehicle users can save on maintenance by being aware that some failed parts can be a means to earn money rather than been simply handed over for recycling.

Old catalytic converters are bought out at The platform features a catalog with a price list, requirements for the parts, as well as other applicable terms and conditions. Vehicle users will be able to hand over unusable catalytic converters and earn extra money to purchase new parts for their vehicles.

What vehicles have converters of the highest value?

A catalytic converter unusable for further operation is bought out for scrap since there are precious metals in this very part. These precious metals are extracted, remelted, and utilized for further production.

Earlier, out-of-service catalytic converters used to be simply thrown away. But this action is wasteful, as well as harmful for the environment. The situation has changed for the better since the firms that buy out used auto parts entered the market. Today, any vehicle user can sell for scrap parts that have lost their performance.

The highest price is set for those catalytic converters that are installed on vehicles of foreign manufacture with low mileage. This is due to the fact that the volume of precious metals is the highest.

Catalytic converters marked “Pd Rh” are installed on 75% of all cars produced in the world. Such catalytic converters have the lowest cost. Classic, outdated types “Pt”, “Pd”, “Rh” are nearly out of circulation; 1 kg contains about 0.270g of platinum.

The most expensive catalytic converters are of the “Pt Rh” type, they contain 3 grams of platinum per 1 kg of converters’ weight. These types of converters are installed on super powerful diesel engines and in premium-class vehicles.

Here is the top rating by prices:

  • The first place is occupied by vehicles imported from Europe. They are cars of the premium class featuring the Euro-5 system, produced by the German automotive industry. They contain a large volume of palladium, platinum, and rhodium.
  • Vehicles from Asia of Korean and Japanese production are second. They are not inferior in the content of precious metals to those by German manufacturers.
  • Vehicles from the United States are third. For instance, catalytic converters installed by the Ford plant are often among items with a high content of precious metals.
  • Czech and French car industry, represented by well-known brands Skoda and Citroen are forth.

If you have a used catalytic converter but cannot figure out its cost, you need to know about the main pricing factors:

  • what is it made of (ceramics, iron);
  • vehicle brand and manufacturer;
  • what condition it is.

Why is it required to sell catalytic converters to professional buyers?

Professional buyers examine the converters with special equipment thus determining the volume of precious metals.

You should not trust buyers who try to figure out the value of parts by feel, as in this case the seller will be offered a minimum price.

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