How to Pimp Your Car Without Putting a Dent on Your Account


Don’t you want your car to make a statement? That comes at a price, though. Here’s how to pimp your car without blowing your budget.

You’ve worked hard. You saved up for the down payment, paid off your vehicle religiously, and now your car is finally yours.

You deserve to truly enjoy your vehicle and uniquely make it yours. In short, it’s time for you to pimp your car.

However, many folks are hesitant to start researching aftermarket modifications for their vehicle. They think that doing so will be an expensive proposition. is a good place to get some automobile modification ideas.

In this article, we’ll dispel that notion by providing you with a list of affordable modifications that you can make to your vehicle that won’t break the bank. 

Lighting Upgrades

One of the best cheap ways to pimp your car is with a lighting upgrade. There are several different places that you can change the lighting on your car.

The first and most obvious place is in the headlights and taillights themselves. LED bulbs can cast a longer, brighter glow, to give you more visibility when its dark. 

Another great place to pimp your car with lighting is within the under-mirror and under-fender lights. This will light up the exterior vehicle; you can even get specific LED lighting options that match the exterior color of your vehicle.

Last but not least, you can also install trim lighting in the interior of your vehicle, under your dashboard, and around your seat. This will give your car’s interior a modern, futuristic glow.

Aftermarket Shift Knob

If you drive a stick shift, then this is a great modification for you to consider. A $50 aftermarket shift knob can completely change the way your interior looks while also making your shifts feel more precise. Just make sure to go with a relatively heavy knob, as this helps the shifting mechanism notch into the right gear with less effort.

New Steering Wheel

Another one of the best cheap ways to pimp up your car is with an aftermarket steering wheel. A smaller diameter wheel will make your car easier to handle if you want to extract a little more performance out of it. It can also make your car’s interior look more sporty.

When doing this project, make sure to disable the airbag before you remove the old wheel. This will protect your face as you work on it.

Vanity Plate

If you want to show folks that you care about your ride, consider getting a vanity plate. A vanity plate is your own personal license plate number. 

Vinyl Wrap

Consider using a vinyl wrap to completely revamp the way that your car looks. This way to pimp your car is the cheapest option to change your car’s exterior look. And with Shinerz ShowCar Products, you can keep your wrap detailed and looking like new.

Window Tints

If you like your privacy, then you should strongly consider getting your windows tinted. The good thing about a window tint is that the cost of the materials and labor is very cheap — you can get the job done for as little as $20 per window, all in.

However, it’s important that you stay mindful of local ordinances when you do this project. Some counties don’t allow you to tint your windows beyond a certain level of obscurity. If you tint beyond that, then you could very easily find yourself on the wrong side of a ticket. So be sure to check local laws before getting tinting done.

Rearview Camera

Do you love the high levels of technology that modern cars have? Do you not have the money to trade-in for a newer model yet? Good news! With aftermarket upgrades, you can easily pimp your ride with technological marvels like a rearview backup camera to your vehicle!

These units are relatively simple to install. They can be done as a DIY project, saving you money on labor. The hardest part will be setting up the wiring properly and routing it from the back camera to the front dashboard.

If you have a little extra money, you can get a unit that comes with a steering wheel sensor. This will be an invaluable aid whenever you’re backing up, as it shows the direction your vehicle will go given your steering wheel rotation.

Seat Covers

If you want to upgrade your interior, but don’t have the money to redo the upholstery, then seat covers might be a great option. The right seat cover will not only add a little pizzazz and refinement to your interior but will also protect the interior from any rough handling. This will come in handy whenever you move on to another machine and have to assess the car’s value. 

Updated Infotainment System

Another technological upgrade that you could consider is an updated infotainment system. This upgrade can be a little bit on the high end of your budget, but if you skip the other upgrades, then you should easily be able to afford an updated dash unit.

Prices for updated units will typically start in the hundreds of dollars. However, you’ll get all sorts of functionality added to your car. This includes things like Apple CarPlay, navigation screens, and much more.


Last but certainly not least, we’d be remiss to discuss pimping your ride out on a budget without discussing decals. Printing your own decals cost barely more than a few dollars. If you decide to purchase them online, they’ll typically cost the same, if not less. 

Decals are a great way to show your passions to the world. If you’re part of an organization, a car club, or a particular movement, then you can get the corresponding decal for it and broadcast your association to the world on the cheap!

Pimp Your Car on a Budget

There you have it — with this information under your belt, you should be far better equipped to pimp your car on even the most modest of budgets.

For more auto advice, be sure to take some time to check out the rest of the website!

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