How to Plan Your First RV Road Trip


Around 90% of Americans plan to take an RV trip next year, which shows how passionate we are about hitting the road.

Traveling with your RV is a great way to discover new places, spend time with your family, and escape your hectic schedule. But planning the trip can feel overwhelming so it’s important to cover the basics. Perhaps you’re currently in this position and you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here’s how to plan the ultimate RV road trip.

Choose the Right Size RV

Before arranging your RV travel itinerary, it’s important to find the right vehicle for the job. To help you get started, figure out how many people are traveling with you and the RV size you’re comfortable with. As a general rule, most RVers love a 21 feet camper as it’s easier to drive and fit in most parking spaces.

Then, once you’re happy with the vehicle, learn how to finance an RV to get started.

Outline Your Budget

Every RV trip planner will remind you to outline your budget. The three most expensive components are gas, campground fees, and food so factor this in. Note, you needn’t travel across the country to have a great time, simply visit the nearest national park and enjoy the weekend there.

Protect Your Vehicle

One of the top RV tips and hacks is to protect your vehicle. At the very least, get an RV car and travel insurance as it will protect you when you’re on the road. You should also invest in roadside assistance so you’re sorted if you’ve suffered a tire blowout or ran out of gas.

Plan an RV-Friendly Route

Out of all the RV tips and tricks, planning a vehicle-friendly route is crucial. Although you love taking backroads in your car, this isn’t always feasible when you’re driving an RV. You should also find gas stops that have large parking lots to minimize your stress.

Further, make sure you download maps before your trip. It’s important to choose GPS software that works offline and save any attractions you want to visit along the way.

Book Campsites in Advance

If you’re stumped on RV tips, know you must always book campsites in advance. As an RVer, you need somewhere that offers power, sewer, and water where you can refill your tank.

As you browse options, spend time reading reviews and choose campsites with key amenities. For instance, you may want access to a swimming pool or washing machines where you can do laundry.

Plan an RV Road Trip Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re ready to plan your next RV road trip.

There are many considerations when you’re planning your getaway such as being realistic about your finances and choosing an RV-friendly route. RVers must also protect their vehicle for peace of mind and book campsites in advance to avoid disappointment. Happy travels!

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