How Window Tint Improves Safety

When it comes to tinting your windows there can be many benefits from aesthetics to privacy but many are surprised to see safety among these benefits. Many people are surprised to learn how many safety benefits you can get from driving a vehicle with tinted windows.

Here are the top 5 safety benefits you get with tinted windows on your vehicle.

Reduces Light Glare At Night

One of the first and most significant safety benefits of window tints on your vehicle is the reduced glare from lights when you’re driving at night. The glare caused by streetlights and oncoming headlights can make some drivers feel less confident when driving, especially in today’s times with the advancements of halogen lights. It is easy for one of these lights to momentarily blind, distract, or disorient you.

With properly applied window tint, the glare from oncoming or overhead lights will be significantly softened. With a reduced glare, you will be able to see more clearly and without distractions.

In addition to the aforementioned distraction and disorientation, glaring light can also have what’s called a halo effect. Halo effects can inhibit depth perception making it more difficult to safely pull out of a parking lot or turn onto major street. This nighttime glare can cause blurriness or night blindness that makes it impossible to follow significant roadway signs and markers.

Minimize UV ray glare and

In addition to reducing glare at night, window tint also serves this purpose during the day as well. With the right percentage of window tint on your vehicle, you’ll notice that the glare from the sun and its UV rays are significantly reduced. Untinted windows allow UV rays to enter your car, where they then become trapped, This can create uncomfortable heat and glare. This glare can make it difficult to see the road or view ahead safely.

Now depending on where you live, and if you commute and the direction in which you commute or travel, you may be stuck facing the sun head-on and chances are your sunglasses or visor cannot help you much.

But if you take the time to install the right window tint, this can minimize the glare dramatically which improves your visibility and reduces the chance of you getting into an accident. Aut tinting can also minimize the glare that comes from other objects like other cars or from building windows.

Protection From Shattered Glass

Because of the large and heavy nature of cars, driving one always carries a risk. Every single component of a vehicle, including the window glass is designed to minimize the safety risk if a collision occurs. You can increase the safety of your windows and further supplement this by adding window tint to them. This is because window tint is applied in thin layers of film, these layers essentially add additional layers of protection to the glass. What this means for you is that there is a reduced risk of glass shattering if you get in an accident or if something hits it.

This reduced risk of shattering glass lessens the chance that glass will fly everywhere and lead to injuries. There is a saying in the automotive industry about glass and accidents, they say glass is similar to water in the way that it gets everywhere. The film from the window tint, however, will keep it together preventing it from cutting into your skin or causing nicks, scratches and cuts to your passengers.

Migraine or headache relief makes for safer driving

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, one surprising remedy to help alleviate your headaches or migraines is window tint. Whether you’re out running errands, going to work or school, or fulfilling other daily obligations, chances are you cannot always stay home when you have a headache. Migraines and headaches are notorious for causing light sensitivity and can also impair your vision.

There’s no doubt that two major triggers of migraines and headaches can be sun and light glare. As previously mentioned, auto tinting can reduce the glare from light. But window tint can also act as a buffer, which can improve your physical and visual comfort while driving.

Protection from Debris and Damage

Window film can also add an extra layer of physical protection on your windows. Specific types of window films, like 3M or Scotchgard Paint Protection films,  can help protect your windows against things like stone or rock chips and insect debris. Because protective films can come in varying degrees of light filtration and most tend to be strengthened to help prevent these impacts.