Importance Of Oil Change


Cars are not for flashy use but an integral part of one’s daily life. From driving to work to running other important daily activities, having a car greatly facilitates movement.

Vehicles from time to time need to be taken to the garage for maintenance. This aids in keeping them longer and functioning properly. Part of the maintenance required for maintaining a car is changing the oil.

Before looking at why oil changing is important, here are some things to note about oil and its contribution to the smooth functioning of a car.

Importance of oil change in a car

Oil helps in making the car run smoothly at a normal level and longer distances. Though oil keeps the engine running smoothly, there comes a time when it needs to be changed. Detecting when the oil needs to be changed is not difficult.

The driver has to know the oil needs to be changed when the dashboard light starts coming on or when the vehicle starts portraying signs of being slow.

When should the oil of a car be changed?

Checking the oil fluids of the car at least once a month is very essential. The oil color also indicates if the oil is still okay or not; the oil has to be crystal clear and not cloudy.

In case of any of these abnormalities, the car owner needs to visit a car repair garage for oil change in Dubai. Other than before, oil changing can now be done after three months but constant checks are the key.

Choosing the right oil for the car

There are some factors that one had to remember when choosing the right oil for a car. This includes; the mileage of the car, the car model (if it is new or old), the season and the temperature and even the climate. Taking the car to a car repair garage for oil change in Dubai will help in making a good choice.

For cold weather, most experts always propose 5W oil is used while when the climate becomes normal, several cars always take about 10W – 30W. The oil consistency should not be too thick else it will be very difficult for the car to start.

Using an oil filter

When changing the oil for a car, an oil filter is often used and it aids in sieving out unwanted ingredients from getting to the engine, transmission or hydraulic oils which can cause another issue with the car. It is best to always change the oil filter each time the oil has to be changed.


Oil plays a very important role when it comes to the smooth functioning of a car; it helps to keep the engine well lubricated so all the parts of the engine can work properly. When the oil does not get changed regularly it causes the engine to become dirty and the car may break down with time.


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