Need for Speed: Exploring Types of Race Cars


Did you know that more than 42 million speeding tickets are given each year in the United States?

Fast cars and technology lead to speeding because people want to experience the power behind their vehicles.

If you want to speed with no restrictions, one of the best ways to get your fill is through race cars.

Continue reading to discover some of the most popular types of race cars that you may not have heard of!

Touring Cars

One of the best types of race cars that you can learn more about is touring cars.

Touring cars look similar to standard vehicles and are less likely to be custom-made. There is a lot of competition in the touring car races, which makes it easy to find races to enter or watch. This type of vehicle is so popular for racing that it is used in Nascar and other racing competitions in the United States.

Australia and Europe are other popular places to race touring cars, with competitions around the globe. The rules for touring cars are slightly different when compared to other types because of the technology being used in the cars.

Although the outside of these cars looks like a stock version of the model, the inside is loaded up with the latest technology.

Open Seaters

Another popular race car is the open-seater model.

Open seat race car competitions and races happen every year in the United States. These vehicles look like a stripped car that doesn’t have a top. The driver has some protection but is primarily exposed to the outside environment.

The open seater cars have short and wide tires that help protect the car and keep it close to the ground. This is one of the most extreme options to drive for racing if you are looking for a challenge and thrill.

Many people like racing open seaters because they are designed with aerodynamics, which makes people feel like they are driving a jet. You don’t have to worry about low speeds with this race car type and you will feel the power in the engines.

Formula One and Indy Car races are where people show off their skills in open seaters.

Top Fuel Dragsters

Have you ever heard of drag racing?

Top fuel dragster race cars resemble the appearance of open seaters, however, they have smaller wheels and aren’t as wide. These race cars get lined up and people compete to see who can reach the 402-meter finish line that quickest. Drag racing is straightforward to understand, it doesn’t come with many rules.

Since drag racing is so easy to organize, people are often caught joining illegal races in urban environments. Most drag cars have V8 engines that give off a thundering sound. The most exciting part about these race cars, however, is the use of a parachute to help stop the vehicle.

It is easy to reach 3-digit speeds in drag race cars, so always be careful if you are behind the wheel.

Drag Cars

The purpose of drag cars is similar to top fuel dragsters, however, the design of the vehicle is different.

Drag cars look like a basic stock model, but they have the latest technology and engines to make the car reach high speeds. Drag cars are customized so that the driver can get the most acceleration that they can. A lot of people strip their vehicles to get rid of excess weight that could be slowing them down.

Unlike top fuel drag cars, these have large back tires and smaller ones in the front. There are also plexiglass windows and a roll-cage to help protect the driver. Although these cars aren’t street legal, many people drive them around.

If you want to customize your drag car, FuelTech’s aftermarket TPS Sensor is an excellent product to add. This will help you navigate without any issues!

Rally Cars

If you are interested in car racing, you should think about getting involved with rally cars.

Rally cars are most popular in Europe, however, rally car races occur all over the world since the 1950s.

Rally car racing is exciting because the vehicles can go through mud, snow, and other terrains that other race cars can’t get past. Although these vehicles can handle rough conditions, they aren’t off-road cars. They have specific race tracks built for them.

Unlike the other race car types, this vehicle has all-wheel drive, multiple gearboxes, and a custom suspension. All of these features help rally cars navigate through rough terrain without getting stuck.

Another difference with these race cars is that they are meant for more than one person. Rally cars typically have a driver and another person that reads the map and provides direction. The races have a point A and point B that drivers must go to and the fastest pair get crowned the winners.

Do You Know All of the Types of Race Cars?

There are many types of race cars that you can drive or watch perform.

If you have an interest in racing cars, you will need to identify which type. of racing that you want to do. Whether you want to hit the tracks or trails, there is a car that can get you from start to finish. Racing cars is a thrilling sport that you can participate in, but watching races is just as fun.

Depending on what terrains the car will drive on, the tires, suspension, and body might vary. Don’t be afraid to enter a fun and exciting sport if you have an interest in racing.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about different types of race cars and other news in the auto industry!


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