New To Driving? Top Tips Every Driver Should Know


If you’re new to driving there are a lot of things you need to know. Not many driving schools will give you these tips. Below, we’ll be running through them, so keep reading if you’re interested.

Maintain Distance

When driving, you should always remember to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and others. It should be considerable as the driver in front of you may not be the best. So, he may hit the breaks, causing you to crash into him.

That’s why you should maintain a good distance between you and him. This will ensure you’re out of harm’s way as you never know the type of drivers on the road.

Be Careful Of Your Horn

We all like honking our car horns. It can be very stress-relieving, which is why you push down on it multiple times while you’re driving, even for slightest thing. You shouldn’t do this as you’re putting yourself in a messy situation.

Irrespective of the vehicle you’re driving, honking can be annoying, especially if your  horn is loud. So, you’ll anger the other drivers on the road.

As you can imagine, this isn’t the best situation to put yourself as road rage is very real.  This is why you need to horn only when necessary.

Don’t Overspeed

Overspeeding can be very dangerous. No matter how experienced you are, you shouldn’t do it. This is because you aren’t aware of the conditions of the road. So going at a considerable speed can cause accidents as it may be slippery, causing you to crash.

This is especially true if you’re a new driver as you may be tempted to speed on an open road. You’re new to driving so you barely have control of your vehicle. Thus, you can lose control of it in a matter of seconds when overspeeding, crashing into something. Unfortunately, the impact of the crash would be immense because of how fast you were going so you’re putting your life in harm’s way.

Don’t Overtake

Don’t overtake another driver. If you have to, be careful. Although the person you’re overtaking may be angry, they wouldn’t do anything. However, this isn’t always the case as the driver may take his anger out on you.

Remember, road rage is a very real thing so he could follow you, trying to get you to crash. So, heed this advice.

How Are You Holding The Steering Wheel?

It’s important that you hold the steering wheel firmly. Remember, you’re new to driving so you need to get a feel of how your car works first. You can help yourself do this by holding the steering wheel well.

By holding it firmly, you don’t risk losing your grip or getting into an accident.

Not only should you hold it well, but there’s a specific way to place your hands on it. Remember to keep both hands parallel to each other, one at 9 o clock, and the other at 3.

Don’t Turn The Wheel Before Making A Turn

Some drivers turn the wheel before they’re about to make a turn. This is extremely dangerous as if your wheel is turned left before you turn and another vehicle hits you, you’re propelled to the left side of the road.

This is dangerous because there are other vehicles in this lane. So you’re bound to get hurt.

Get A Good GPS

A good GPS is very important when you’re driving. Unfortunately, new drivers don’t realize that you can swap the GPS system your car came with another. You should do this as your current GPS may not be the best, easily letting you get lost.

Unfortunately, there are countless GPSes on the market. So, you may not know where to look. Thankfully, the internet is your friend which is why there are numerous sites like at your disposal.

Be Focused

One of the major tips new drivers should know is that you must be focused at all times. You need to monitor the road, seeing If you’re in the wrong lane or if there’s a vehicle or person approaching you.

You can’t pay attention to all of these things if you’re distracted. That’s why you shouldn’t use your phone while driving. In fact, refrain from speaking to others in the car or you’ll focus on the conversation, not on the road.

Unfortunately, not talking to the people next to you could be difficult. So always stay vigilant and be sure to remember that you need to look out for things on the road.

Are You Comfortable?

You have to be very comfortable while driving. If you’re not, you’ll be too focused on the discomfort you’re in. One of the major ways you can improve your comfort is by assessing how you’re seated. Remember to have good posture and sit firmly: this prevents back and neck pain.

Do You Get Road Sick?

A lot of drivers get travel sickness when they drive for long distances. This may be the case for you as well, which is why you need this tip. If you don’t have motion sickness medication at home, you can prepare yourself with a home remedy!

If you’re wondering what it is, it’s bay leaves. Bay leaves are known to help with road sickness, so keeping it on your tongue when you feel nauseous will help you feel better.

The compounds in the leaves are beneficial. When on the tongue, the saliva causes its soothing components to release which are carried to your stomach, causing you to calm down.

Along with bay leaves, citrus fruits work well too. However, they don’t target nausea associated with road sickness. Instead, they relieve drowsiness. All you have to do is suck on it until you feel better. The citric acid really gives you a kick, similar to coffee.

Considering the above points, there are many things you have to learn as a new driver. Also be sure to check out drivers ed review as an option as well.  The above are just a few of them. So remember these tips the next time you’re on the road.

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