Performance and Appearance Mods for Your Subaru WRX

Subaru Corporation is one of the largest and most successful automakers in the world. They excel in manufacturing high-quality automobiles, especially in the race car industry. One of the best-selling models they have made over the years is the Subaru WRX, initially produced in 1992. The model has been a staple sales figure that Subaru has continuously produced upgrades as technology continues to advance.

Just like any other car model, the Subaru WRX can still be improved by adding certain performance and Subaru WRX accessories to it. Car enthusiasts always enjoy personalizing their automobiles, and learning which parts should be prioritized is welcome information. You can always go for the company-made Subaru bodykits for ensured quality. In this article, we will help you start your customizations by suggesting a few top-notch car modifications for the Subaru WRX.

Also, it’s important to remember that not all car customizations are legal.

Cold Air Intake

Subaru WRX is named after “World Rally eXperimental”, pertaining to the rally racing technology that fueled the production of the car line. Part of this technology is the inclusion of four turbocharged cylinder engines. The turbocharger helps the car perform better by basically shoving more air into the engine in order to improve combustion. More air means there can be more fuel added into the engine, which in turn leads to increased combustion rates and therefore improved engine efficiency and power output.

Unfortunately, the restrictive design of the Subaru WRX limits the amount of air its turbochargers can take in. While the stock turbochargers are obviously good to go on their own, some car owners feel the need to improve on it. Installing a cold air intake significantly helps your turbochargers’ performance by adding a filtration system that allows air to flow more freely into the engine. Be careful when shopping for cold air intake, however, as some filter designs tend to use hot air instead which might cause detonation instead of combustion.


Tires are always a great investment when it comes to car modifications. A lot of car owners tend to overlook tires when customizing their rides, instead of focusing on other exterior parts for aesthetic improvements. Not paying enough attention to your car’s tires will not only affect its performance, in the long run, but it can also endanger your safety while driving custom off-road vehicles.

There are different kinds of tires available in the market, and it would be helpful to identify each type to better understand how installing it can help your car. For instance, racing cars would surely benefit from using sticky tires like the Michelin Pilot Super Sport as its 300 treadwear rating strongly improves the car’s resistance and consistency when running on the race track. If you take your Subaru WRX regularly for commuting as well, the Dunlop Direzza DZ102 is good for protecting the wheels from wear and tear. Meanwhile, visit the link to order high-quality and genuine 1hz intercooler online.

Front Mount Intercooler

Unlike most car models, the Subaru WRX utilizes the scoop for actual function instead of leaving it as a decorative accessory. The WRX model uses the scoop to help push more air into the turbocharger’s intercooler, which is good for the car since it gets more free space at the front portion, leading to improved radiator efficiency.

A common concern in putting an intercooler over the car’s engine is that it makes the intercooler prone to heat soak as the hot air inside rises. Once an intercooler is soaked in heat, it reverses the original function and starts to detonate instead of aid in more combustions. Less combustion means a drop in overall efficiency and power loss occurs. To fix this issue, the intercooler is usually put below the bumper instead, which is where a lot of turbocharged automobiles tend to keep it. Modifying the location of the intercooler is not really that hard, as most if not all front mount intercooler kits will have everything you need to move the intercooler, complete with an instruction manual. Once the intercooler is properly mounted at the front, the car should start to drastically lower charging temperatures, resulting in better power management and lessened detonations.

By-Pass/Blow-Off Valve

A by-pass or blow-off valve (BPV/BOV)  is used in cars to allow excess air pressure to escape. A vacuum port exists on the BPV/BOV which measures relative pressure inside, and when the measurement drops to a certain level below atmospheric pressure, the valve is opened and the air is released outside.

The stock BPV/BOV on the Subaru WRX might start leaking at some point, and if left unreplaced can cause the car to perform poorly by not generating enough power to run optimally. Regardless if you are still using the stock turbocharger or not, upgrading the BPV/BOV is highly recommended to keep the WRX running in high gear. Remember that if you are looking to maximize the car’s boost levels, the BOV is preferable, but if you are looking for moderate boost and consistency a 50-50 BPV should do wonders for your car.