Quad Bikes: Five Best Models for the Highest Speed

A typical all-terrain vehicle can only push about 60 miles per hour at most. Some drivers attempt to increase their quad bikes’ performance by changing their essential parts or equipping them with additional accessories. While such modifications could help you in some cases, they are not a very good idea, though, since they might create potential complications between you and your manufacturer.

It is much better, of course, to buy a bike that can drive fast without any changes whatsoever. Here, we provide a list of five ATV models with the best speed performance in the car manufacturing industry to date. Meanwhile, if you want to buy genuine ag bikes, visit the link.

Polaris Scrambler

One of the most commercially successful ATV models on the market worldwide, the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S has an engine that can generate almost 100hp and push up to 80 miles per hour within a few seconds. That is a lot more than you will ever need off the road or in the forest in any case.

Besides, its superb ground clearance makes it possible to drive the bike on almost any terrain, from marshes to sand deserts, and its advanced electronic steering wheel ensures that you will be in perfectly confident control of the vehicle at any speed. Furthermore, equip this quad bike with a Polaris ATV storage box, among other things, and you will get the most reliable all-terrain vehicle for virtually all road conditions.


Commonly called the Quadracer, the Suzuki LT500R made a breakthrough in the ATV industry by combining a powerful engine with confident handling and a very light body. Incidentally, this is the first four-wheel ATV model ever made. The extra wheel adds extra balance to the vehicle. As a result of all these modifications, you can almost fly the Quadracer on virtually any terrain and still feel confident control over its handlebars.


Designed and manufactured by Arctic Cat, Thundercat 1000 has become considerably lighter than most models in its class due to its plastic skis and aluminum rails and spindles. Combined with the model’s 999cc engine capable of over 170hp, these technical features helped Paddy Olsen speed the bike to 120 miles per hour. Even with a Polaris Sportsman rear storage box installed and fully packed, Thundercat 1000 can still build up to 70 miles per hour with no effort.

Can-Am Renegade X XC

Can-Am is one of the most commercially successful ATV manufacturers worldwide, serviced by over 4,000 car dealers in more than a hundred countries across the continents. No other producer in the automobile industry can compete with it in the quad bikes’ engine power and speed performance. In particular, the Renegade X XC 1000R’s 976cc engine generates over 90hp to let you push 80 miles per hour even in a sand desert.

Raptor 700R

Released by Yamaha in 2006, this full-size quad bike won the race right away by hitting 196 miles per hour, which no other ATV model has been able to surpass so far. Besides, the bike is pretty light and spacious enough to accommodate a decent Polaris ATV storage box, making Raptor 700R one of the best all-terrain vehicles for camping and adventurous spins off the beaten track.