Secrets You Should Know Before Buying New Tires


Tires are a vital safety feature in a vehicle. They are the parts that touch the ground, so their grip is vital. They are also the parts that need replacement over time due to wear. Surprisingly, few people know about tires. Knowing tires can help you get a good deal on the right ones for your vehicle.

Research On Tire Reviews

Tires are rated like cars, and the information is readily available on the internet. While it may not be the most interesting part to undertake, reading tire reviews before shopping is necessary. Tire reviews cover durability, tires’ performance on various terrains, and fuel economy. Knowledge will guide you when buying new tires because you’ll know what to ask for.

Tire Life

Tires have different lifespans. The life expectancy is measured in miles, and the information should be available to the buyer. Tires with a shorter lifespan are designed for comfort and performance. It’s essential to get the right balance between tire performance and tire tread.

Know The Size

The tire dealer will ask for your car’s make, year, and model when you purchase the tires. However, you may have size options. You can settle for bigger or smaller Michelin Tires. Before making your choice, make sure the tires can handle your car’s speed rating, weight, and passengers. Check the codes on the tire’s sidewall or tire manual.

Be Mindful Of Fuel Economy

Aside from safety, tires have the greatest impact on a vehicle’s fuel economy. Properly inflated tires can improve fuel economy, and deflated tires can increase gas station visits. If you’re mindful of fuel usage, always buy the right tires from a dealer.

Speed Rating

Each tire has a letter rating indicating how fast it can travel safely for a certain distance. So, choose the right tires for your driving style.

Your Car Should Be In Good Shape

Putting new tires on a misaligned vehicle or having bad shocks is a waste of money. The new tires will wear quickly and unevenly, and you will need replacements within no time. Most tire shops will inspect your vehicle’s condition and the current tires before buying them. So, bring your car in for an inspection before going to a tire store.

Used vs. New Tires

Just as people debate about new or used cars, the same applies to tires. Many people buy used tires to save money, while others buy new ones for reliability and safety reasons. New tires have a warranty, whereas used ones don’t. Used tires are okay if they are slightly used and have plenty of treads. Also, ensure the dealer is reputable because used tires may have hidden punctures, defects, and tread wear.

Ride Noise

All tires have a specific noise caused by tread designs. Some generate more than others. Because you won’t notice the noise unless you drive on the highway, do research and read the customer’s reviews and comments. This way, you will know how to detect worn-out tires.

Know When Your Tires Need Replacement

You don’t have to be an expert to be safe. Examine your tires- all five. Check your spare as well. Is it worn out or damaged? Use the penny test. If the head is not partially hidden, you should replace the tires.

Weather Conditions

The weather is probably the most critical factor. Tires are designed for specific driving conditions, so before shopping, decide whether you want tires for one season or all year round. Whichever your decision, ensure your tires have the best performance, stability, and safety.

Buying new tires is not easy. This is because you don’t buy tires frequently, and the technology changes after some time. Knowing the weather conditions, tire size and life expectancy, speed rate, and fuel economy is important.

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