Should You Use A Car Shipping Service?


Packing up your life and moving to a whole other state isn’t something that most of us do lightly.  Whether you’re doing it for your job or because you enjoy the sense of adventure (or some other reason), you’re probably already aware of some of the stress that comes with the territory.  It can be a really trying time for a lot of people.

Because of that, it’s only natural that so many of us look for ways to ease the process along.  There are so many of them that are advertised all the time, though – it can be hard to figure out which is actually worth the cash spent.  Today, we’ll be looking at one of them in particular: car transportation.

The Basics

Now, if you’re not familiar with it at all, you may already be feeling a bit confused.  Admittedly, although car shipping is somewhat self-explanatory in terms of the name alone, there’s a lot to digest that can get complicated fast.  Put simply, it’s just a way for people to have their vehicles transported in special trailers without having to drive to a new place themselves.  It’s for convenience above anything else.

This does raise some questions, though – mostly, is it really worth it to splurge on this sort of service when technically, we can just drive the car ourselves to our new home?  As you can probably guess, there’s some nuance to the answer there, and it’ll change for each individual.  Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” solution there.

What to Consider

What to Consider

In order to sort out whether or not it’ll be worth it to ship our car versus drive it to our destination, there’s going to be several questions to ask ourselves.  For one thing, where are you moving to?  Is it thousands of miles away, or more like forty-five minutes away?  If it’s the latter, then it would probably be better to just drive yourself.

However, the further away that you need it moved to, the more likely that you’ll find these sorts of transport services worth your dollar.  Even articles like this one,, mention these sorts of things.  Once you’ve got that sorted out, next you’ll want to ask yourself how long you think the trip would take on your own.

Anything over twenty-four hours will come with a whole lot of extra fees to take into account.  The longer you’re out on the road, the more likely it is that you’ll need to stop for meals.  Since you’ll need a place to stay for the night, too, you’ll probably be stopping at a hotel.

Because of all of this, the costs for the driving-yourself option tend to rack up pretty fast.  Gas is also expensive, and depending on the mileage that your vehicle gets, you might have to get it quite often.  Even though there will be a lot of math involved, it’s worth doing some of the calculations to figure out what will be more expensive for you.

Convenience at its Finest

Again, though, as was mentioned above, the main reason that folks opt for car shipping is for the convenience factor.  Moving your car yourself can be a real hassle, and can take up valuable time that you could be putting into getting settled in your new home and maybe even picking up a few shifts at your new job.  Those are just some things that folks tend not to think about but can make a pretty significant impact.

Pages such as this one detail some of the other things that you’ll be needing to do once you’ve relocated.  While it might not seem like that big of a deal at first, some of this stuff will require your time and energy.  That’s why it can be so nice not to have to waste said time on driving yourself across the country to your new home.

Car shipping probably isn’t going to be for everyone.  Some people just prefer to do it on their own.  However, if you’d rather spend your cash on the easier option and enjoy the extra time that you’ll have on your hands, then it might be something for you to consider!

You can always get quotes from the shipping companies before you commit if you’re still feeling uncertain.  Really, their customer service departments tend to be quite helpful, so it’s always worth chatting with them if any questions or concerns come up.  That way, you can be totally certain as to what you’re getting into.

At the end of the day, this is just one of the many parts of moving that you’ll be juggling.  Why not take the weight off of your shoulders, though, by utilizing services like these to have your vehicle moved?

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