Standard Features Modern-day Automobiles Should Have


With the continuous development of technology, the car’s essential features also change through time, adapting to the current day and age. What may seem to be an advanced feature in the past is now a must-have equipment today, irrespective of the brand and model. To help you keep up with the trend, we’ve listed the standard features modern-day automobiles should have, regardless of the price, brand, and model.

Smart Keyless Entry

During its early days, smart keyless entry systems were often regarded as a ploy or even undervalued. Today, its significance is now highlighted partly for its convenience but mainly for its security. With the technology, you can lock, unlock, or start your car without the need for the traditional key. What’s even remarkable is that thieves will have a hard time starting and stealing your vehicle without your key fob. Your key fob is specifically programmed with a unique key code that your car needs to recognize first for it to become operable.

Dual Front Airbags

Airbags are one of the most important safety features a car should have. It provides vital cushioning during a frontal impact, preventing or mitigating possible injuries the driver and passenger may get in the crash. However, some cars only get a driver-side airbag, which only works if you use the vehicle solely. If you’re usually traveling with a loved one, check if the automobile has dual front bags for your utmost safety.

Infotainment Display

For many years, cars roamed the roads and reached their destination sans the infotainment screen, usually placed at the dashboard center. However, that entails having buttons flocking the center slack. Now, a standard feature you will see on most automobiles is an infotainment display. It incorporates and delivers various functions, such as phone connectivity, radio, music, video streaming applications, or checking weather conditions. Plus, it displays vital visual information, such as the navigation map, rear camera view, button panels, and system settings.

Reverse Camera

While reverse cameras are often deemed a helping tool for less-skilled drivers, it is a safety feature that aids in the control and visibility of any driver type. Moving the vehicle forward is significantly more manageable as you get a clear view of what’s ahead. However, reversing is a whole different story, as even if you have the best estimation, your view is greatly restricted, and you’ll not be able to spot any obstacle, animal, or kid behind you. Having reverse cameras resolves the issue and makes the roads safer for everyone.


From the headlights, running lights, signal lights, brake lights, hazard lights, driving lamps, fog lights, to the taillights, any modern automobile should have a complete set of lights. It works both ways, giving the driver visibility of his vehicle’s surroundings and letting other cars or people be aware of the automobile’s presence and movements. Each light has its purpose, such as the fog light being used for heavy rains or bright headlamps for extremely dark locations, yet all are essential for everyone’s safety.

Smart storages

One feature that most car buyers often overlook is the storage options when it is a helpful feature to have in a car. Regardless of which destination you are headed to or activity you will partake in, you always bring an array of items inside your vehicle. Without ample, easy-to-reach storage options such as cabins or compartments, everything can turn out messy once your vehicle starts to move. So, be sure to check all available storage features when checking an automobile in a showroom or during the test drive.

Anti-lock Braking System

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is an active standard safety feature that should be available in every car. Its primary purpose is to regulate the brake pressure to prevent the wheels from locking up during panic situations. Thus, avoiding accidents brought by an uncontrollable skid. It allows the driver to steer the vehicle, keep the grip, gear the car towards the desired location even during hard braking. While it is an important safety feature, some low variants and entry-level automobiles still miss out on incorporating ABS on their arsenal.


ISOFIX mounts are a must-have feature, especially for children. Most cars nowadays are added with ISOFIX mounts, attached to the second-row seats of the vehicle. Your child’s seat can be affixed on them safely, without the need for a seatbelt. Remember, seating children on the front seat puts them in great peril, especially when the airbag pops out during a crash. However, having ISOFIX mounts allows you to seat your kids on the second row, keeping them relatively safer should there be any mishap.

Rear Defogger

Turning the air conditioning on or using the blower can quickly solve any water condensation forming up on the automobiles’ front windshield. However, that trick doesn’t work for the case of the rear windshield. With that, having a rear defogger is a must, more significantly if you’re driving in winter or during torrential rains. A defogger thaws any frost or mist, allowing you to have better rear visibility for your safety.

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