Best Cars Of ’21 & Predictions For ’22

Best Cars Of '21 & Predictions For '22

The car market has always been a fascinating place. But the trials and tribulations of the last couple of years means we’re in a unique time for the industry. Despite the coronavirus and chip shortages, it’s a stellar time for new cars. But before you get your credit card out, you should … Read more

How Long Do Batteries Last in Electric Cars?

An image of a Jaguar I-Pace.

The last decade brought with it something truly sweet. Something that had been looked forward to for decades, and is now finally a reality. We are talking about electric cars. Finally, humanity can phase out the gas guzzlers of yesterday and usher in a new era of clean energy usage. Soon, schools … Read more

The Best Autonomous Cars in the World

A Tesla Model S getting charged at a quick charging station.

Self-driving cars have leaped from the movie screens and into reality in what feels like a very short time. It feels like only yesterday when we thought of autonomous vehicles as something that our great grandchildren might one day experience, and now commercially available self-driving cars have shown up in the market … Read more

Different Types of Motorsports

Formula 1 racing cars whizzing down a curving track

Competition runs in our blood. And ever since we’ve been able to, we have been challenging each other in everything we do. From the time when people used to compete over who could catch the bigger game, to the time when entire empires would face off against one another with huge armies … Read more

What Cars Do Students Choose In 2021?

What Cars Do Students Choose In 2020

Moving from a lecture hall to the laboratory, then over to the library, could mean covering a lot of distance daily on campus. Getting a car as a college student would aid your mobility and reduce the level of stress. However, when undergraduates think about cars, they go over-the-top to imagine exotic … Read more

Most Reliable Used Cars Consider Buying in UAE

Toyota Corolla

When it comes to purchasing a second hand car, you need to determine the reliability of the vehicle. If the used car has no warranty, it can cause problems. However this article will list down all the used cars for sale in UAE which are the most reliable. They have the highest … Read more

Popular Indian Cricketers and Their Cars

a cricket game in India

In many countries, sports personalities are held in the highest honor because they do not only play for themselves but as well as to represent the country or club they are from. The United States is popular for its NBA, NFL, and MLB sports teams and stars, while Spain, England, and other … Read more

Cars of the Future: What to Expect

Cars of the Future: What to Expect

Visualizing the future has been man’s favorite pastime for centuries. The excitement of imagining and predicting how the future would look like has been the hallmark of humanity. When the first car rolled out of the assembly line in 1886, speculations on how cars would be a century later were already being … Read more

Tricks to get used cars at a lower price

Tricks to get used caars at a lower price

Almost everyone wishes that they can afford a brand new shiny car, but this is not always the case. There are more used cars on the roads of America than new ones. The volume of used car sales is three times more than that of new vehicles.  You can check out list … Read more

Guide to the Different Types of Car Wax

person wiping a car with a microfiber cloth

If you own a car, you probably know that there are many steps you need to take when it comes to taking care of it. You need to regularly check its engine, oil, and tires if they are working well and are still safe to use. It also requires you to bring … Read more

Successful Women in the Automotive Industry

woman driving a truck

When it comes to choosing careers, women are usually expected to opt for industries like fashion designing, cosmetology, and other things that most women are into. And if there are industries where women were under-represented throughout time, one of them is probably the automotive industry. It’s because when people hear about the … Read more

New Luxury Cars 2021

Audi A8

The automotive industry has evolved over the past decades. Car manufacturers have shifted from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. Also, the demand for luxury vehicles has increased in recent years. They offer increased comfort to passengers and drivers. Also, they are more expensive than regular automobiles. Here is an insight into … Read more

How Renting A Car Can Be Beneficial?

How Renting A Car Can Be Beneficial?

Who doesn’t love road trips? To chase the sunsets in the most beautiful places on Earth. To feel how freedom invades your thoughts. To discover, fascinate, and get mesmerized… My first road trip became the warmest memory I hold. We traveled across the West Coast on a rented car. Young, free, and … Read more

10 Cars to Buy After You Retire

Whether it is unfair to associate some cars with retirees exclusively is up for debate. However, there are some cars that are just made for retirees. Car enthusiasts in particular refer to these cars as ‘old man cars’, but we’re not here to judge.  You can be a car enthusiast even at … Read more