Different Fuel Types for Cars: Compressed Natural Gas

The natural gas and oil industry is one of the continually rising and thriving industries in the whole world. This is because the use of compressed natural gas, or also known as CNG, is growing in significance as several city-owned cars are starting to convert to this kind of fuel. Even if … Read more

Different Car Fuel Types: Liquified Petroleum or Propane

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Propane is a chemical compound that is important in our everyday lives. This is because it has several uses, not just inside our homes but also in various industries as well. In this article, we will talk about propane and its different uses and properties. Formula and Properties of Propane If you’ve … Read more

Different Types of Car Fuels: Ethanol

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Ethanol, or also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol, is a colorless and transparent liquid that acts as the main ingredient in alcoholic drinks such as brandy, wine, and beer. Because ethanol can easily dissolve in water and other organic compounds, ethanol is also used other products such as beauty and … Read more

Types of Car Fuels: Facts About Diesel Engine and Fuel

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Diesel fuel and engines are different from regular gasoline and engines in several ways. Several people think that diesel engines are loud, produce more smoke, and smells like rotten eggs when they are not in use. At first, diesel fuel and engines got caught in some emission scandals, and experts believe predicted … Read more

Interesting Facts About Biodiesel

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Biodiesel is a kind of renewable biofuel. It is a clean-burning fuel that can be used to power diesel-powered engines. Biodiesel is made from animal fats, as well as from agricultural oils. The biodiesel that is used to power vehicles is made to fuel quality, and it can also give an engine … Read more

What are the Different Types of Fuels for Cars

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As of today, there is an increasing pressure on fuel companies to come up with alternative fuel types before the fossil fuel resources in our world run out. This is why these companies are looking for alternative ways just to see if they can beat the clock. Aside from this, fuel prices … Read more

What Are the Primary Components of a Gasoline Powered Engine?

Most of the cars we have today have gasoline powered engines. A gasoline engine is an internal-combustion engine which generates power by burning a liquid fuel or gasoline or a gasoline mixture like ethanol with the ignition that is initiated by an electric spark. The gasoline engine has different types which depend … Read more

Interesting Facts about Gasoline and Oil

Interesting Facts about Gasoline and Oil

  You thought you knew everything about gasoline and oil? Check out these interesting and mind-blowing facts about oil and gasoline that you might not know before today: Storage of Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, And Oil Combustibles It is a standard procedure that gasoline has to be stored in red containers, diesel in … Read more