The 4 Best Family Cars of 2021


From the moment you start your own family, your life changes. Whether it’s just you and your partner or you consider having children, you’ll be faced with daily choices. Can you make the right ones every time?

Some decisions are easy, such as how to spend your family evenings. Others require in depth research, for example how to secure your financial future or who to trust as your family lawyers. For us, the choice of a family vehicle is as important as picking your lawyer or accountant. After all, they determine how safe you feel when you’re driving your family around.

You may need statistics and data to find the best investment opportunity, but we can help you with the best family cars to consider this year. Keep reading to find out about our top preferences.

Toyota Corolla

The brand and the model are both familiar and yes, this is STILL a winning option to consider for your family. Although they’re not the biggest and therefore not ideal for tall individuals, they do have low emissions, easy handling and general comfort.

The modern edition looks sleek and you can pick one of three different designs, including a 5-door hatchback or a 4-door option.

Skoda Karoq

Skoda has various models to consider for your family, but we suggest you have a look at the Karoq model. It may look similar to the brand’s Kodiaq, but the Karoq is a bit smaller. You can always shop according to the size of your family.

In the Karoq you will get comfort with features you expect from modern rides, such as Bluetooth and there’s even climate control to keep everyone happy inside. There’s also options such as a reversing camera for family members who need a bit of help parking.

You and your family can enjoy a safe ride thanks to the car being responsive and well weighted.

Note: Also have a look at the Skoda Scala, which offers great balance between features and price. It’s an ideal option when shopping on a budget and those in the rear will STILL have lots of room for comfortable travels.

VW Golf

Another familiar name on the list is Volkswagen. The Golf stays a family favorite for many generations across the world thanks to features such as excellent handling. The newer models also showcase great suspension and inside you can look forward to quality upholstering that ensures comfort driving.

There’s impressive tech as well:

  • Digital displays

  • Touchscreens on your dashboard to manage various onboard features

  • Wireless charging for SmartPhones

Ford Expedition

If you’re looking for an SUV, the Ford Expedition is a crowd favorite. It caters to larger families with its eight seats and you can tow as much as 9 300 pounds, making it ideal for family holidays.

The brand also uses tech to your advantage with nifty features such as onboard Wi-Fi, 360° camera view for easy parking and keyless ignition. There are features that suit all types of buyers and families.

So, which 2021 car will you be driving away with, giving you peace of mind that your family is safe, while also traveling in style?

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