Time-Tested Quality: Top 5 Cars that Are Best to Buy Used


The best car is a new car, many are sure. There is a rational grain in this statement. But what if the budget only allows looking at the low-cost new vehicles? And this means not only the absence of many options that make the ride more comfortable and safe but also the general feeling of owning a cheap thing.

Wouldn’t it be better to buy a slightly used car of a higher class for the same money and get comfort, style, and prestige? And even higher reliability, because more expensive models often have a significantly longer resource than disposable budget cars.

Many choose this path. And they are winning. Of course, subject to several conditions:

  • Buying from a reliable used car dealer, like Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis;
  • Having some money left for regular maintenance and unexpected expenses.
  • Picking the class of a car to match the wallet in the long run.

But compliance with all these conditions will allow getting the best result – purchase of an excellent car in just-like-new condition for the amount that would be only enough for a budget new one.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 cars that best illustrate this approach.

Toyota RAV4

Nine out of ten Toyota RAV4 owners have never experienced technical problems. At least that’s what the North American agency J.D. Power and the authors of the Consumer Report reliability rating report.

This applies to cars of almost all generations, since from year to year this model gets into the reliability ratings, occupying the highest places.

As for the technical stuffing of such a RAV4, atmospheric engines with a volume of 2.0 and 2.4 liters can be called almost eternal. The variator, combined with the younger motor, is strong. But if this type of transmission raises doubts, then the automatic for the older one is definitely indestructible.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V traditionally provides high places in reliability ratings to the Honda brand. The high reliability of the used CR-V has been repeatedly noted by the Consumer Reports agency, which has called it the leader in its class for many years in a row.

In almost any of its iterations, this SUV runs over 200 thousand miles without problems and serious repairs. The CR-V’s suspension and automatic transmission are renowned for their durability.

Tesla Model 3

The all-electric Tesla Model 3 midsize sedan is a premium car. It is aimed at wealthy people who want to own an environment-friendly vehicle, enjoy easy handling and dynamic driving. Tesla Model 3 received 5 safety stars. It has unique software and an innovative autopilot system, providing fully autonomous driving with the highest level of safety.

In the electric car segment, the Tesla Model 3 is breaking sales records. The popularity of the car is justified by many factors. The main thing is progress, which guarantees safety, convenience, and reliability.

Buying a used car allows getting the desired version of the Tesla 3, even a restyled sedan, and saving up to 35%.

Ford F-Series

A used Ford F-Series will be a beneficial solution for those looking for a reliable working horse.

All the used F-Series pickup trucks are characterized by time-tested quality.

The Ford F-150 has a streamlined and durable body with an expressive muscular appearance. There are at least three types of cabs available, three options for the cargo compartment of various lengths, and two types of drive.

Dodge Challenger

A used Dodge Challenger is a good chance to buy a powerful sports car that will combine elegant design, breakneck speed, and personify freedom.

Challenger has not changed generations for the last 11 years, since the release of a conditionally third one in 2008. At the same time, few can say that it somehow harmed the vehicle: the appearance with obvious references to retro turned out to be so successful that it cannot be called outdated to this day. American charisma is sustained in Challenger more than in any other modern muscle car. The minimum engine here is a naturally aspirated V6, and all other versions are equipped with V8s of several sizes.

When the budget is restrained, buying a used car in Indianapolis is a perfect way not to settle for less. And with advantageous financing offers from Indy Auto Man, getting behind the wheel of a dream car became possible within a couple of hours.


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