Top 11 useful gadgets in your car


Holidays are one of the most overcrowded times of road trips, mainly due to family gatherings and celebrations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find an excuse to get out and drive at any other time of the year. However, before putting your luggage in the trunk, you should make sure that your vehicle is in good condition and equipped with practical items designed to help you during an emergency. In addition, it would not be a bad idea to add some devices that might seem unnecessary but are helpful and pleasant to make the most of your time. Starting from a car camera to a radar detector, we’ve rounded up some of the best car gadgets for your next road trip.


If you’re planning a car trip or constantly driving, here are some car gadgets that could make your time behind the wheel a great experience.


Jumper cables work great if you have another vehicle that can give you a little spark. However, if you find yourself in a more isolated area, these jumper cables are essentially a useless gadget. You can start your car even without jumper cables, check out how to start a car without jumper cables. The Schumacher portable jump starter is ideal for this scenario, and it also allows you to test your battery, so you know exactly where the problem is.


No one wants to imagine the possibility of a car accident, but being prepared for it will offer you a sense of security. The Ztylus Stinger is one of those gadgets that could be useful to have at your disposal in the event of an accident that leaves the windows or doors of your car stuck. This gadget helps to break car window glass, allowing you to get out of your vehicle quickly. The Stinger also incorporates a slim blade at the rear if you need to cut through a jammed seat belt.


One of the most necessary items before going on a road trip is checking that your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated and do not show extreme wear signs. However, instead of using a hand pressure gauge to make sure your car’s tires are good to go, the Fobo Tire Plus system uses a series of Bluetooth meters that transmit this information directly to your smartphone. That means Fobo will warn you when your tire pressure is getting dangerously low, sending you a notification straight to your phone. The app even provides a simple tutorial, making installation easy.


Sometimes it is difficult to remember where we leave the keys, the wallet, or the extra coins that are always in our pocket, and it seems that our bad memory costs us hundreds of dollars throughout our lives. Unsurprisingly, one of the most misplaced items is our car keys. Tile Mate is equipped with Bluetooth and easily slips onto a key fob, allowing you to track the location of your keys using an accompanying mobile app, even if they are inside your car.


A dash cam is an extraordinary tool for determining faults (and culprits) after a car accident, and the Nextbase Dash Cam 522W is our favorite. The device captures images in crisp 1440p video, saves video of the impact, and records your GPS location to tell when and where the accident occurred. In addition, it keeps you safe, is compact, and even responds to voice commands.

Along with excellent image quality, the Nextbase dash cam also comes packed with unique features such as responsive touch screens, emergency SOS, parking mode, and, of course, the ability to connect with your smart devices through wifi.


Let’s be honest. When it is just you and the empty road, and there is no car in sight, you may have a temptation more than once to go a little over the speed limit. Sadly, this illicit behavior could lead to an accident and will more than likely eventually lead to hefty fines. However, for adventurous drivers and like the adrenaline rush, Escort Max 360 can notify when the radar works in the immediate vicinity. This device is one of the most accurate on the market, comes loaded with dual antennas, and has robust smartphone compatibility that allows you to connect with other nearby sprinters and share information.

7. PARK ZONE PZ-1600

Parking in a small garage can be difficult. Parking attendants are an easy way to help maximize space and prevent us from continually hitting our bumpers. The PZ-1600’s simple signal lets you know when enough is enough without suffering any unfortunate bumps.


Most of us can’t imagine starting our day without a cup of coffee. But, unfortunately, it’s easy to forget to set up our coffee maker, or if we’re running late, we may just run out of time to stop by our favorite coffee shop. Designed for those who can’t resist unnecessary gadgets, the Handpresso is a coffee maker tailor-made for your car. The unit works with your own preferred beans or ESE coffee pods and plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter or 12-volt port.


The auto car adapter connects to the standard diagnostic port (OBD-II) in most cars since 1996 and pulls data directly from the onboard computer. The paired mobile application also has many convenient features, including a mileage log, a vehicle locator, and the quality to notify emergency services after an accident. The car adapter works with third-party applications, but you will have to pay a monthly fee if you want that functionality.


If your car still lives in the past, a Bluetooth cassette adapter is a great way to stream all your favorite playlists right from your smartphone (without any cable clutter). The Ion Audio offering is also one of our favorites. It offers approximately four hours of playback on a single charge, which is more than enough to play all your favorite songs. It even allows hands-free calls through a built-in microphone.


The Vanmass charger is part stand and part wireless charger. The device supports phones between 4 and 6.5 inches in size, which means that it is compatible with most mobile phones available in the market. Its flexible arm and gravity-sensing splint allow for maximum adjustability, ensuring you can position and mount your phone correctly on your dashboard, air vent, or windshield. The two-year warranty is not bad either.


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