Top 5 Dirt Bike Essentials You can’t Ignore


Motocross can be an adventurous sport for both young and old riders. However, things can get rough in case of accidents. Quality protective gear will keep you safe and let you enjoy the thrills of this amazing sport.

Items like Helmets, body armour, boots, etc are must-haves. Other protective gear like chest protectors, neck and knee braces do a good job of providing additional protection and are meant for those who are serious about getting into competitive motocross racing.

The 5 Motocross Dirt Bike Apparel and gear mentioned below must be on your list if you’re looking to suit-up for your Motocross Racing.

Motocross Helmets

A properly fitted helmet is the most crucial protective gear for a Motocross rider. It shields the rider’s head from brutal impact in case of an accident and prevents serious injuries. The extended chin area ensures added protection against pebbles & other debris churned up by other riders. Motocross helmets come with various features such as venting or weight, and usually with colourful graphics.

While purchasing a Motocross helmet, ensure that it has safety certification from the Department of Transportation (DOT) & the Snell Memorial Foundation. Above all, the helmet must fit your head perfectly. The last thing you’d want at the time of the crash is the debris and rock to slip inside your loose helmet and hurt your face. A loose helmet might also get thrown off completely during the impact, exposing your skull to the ground.

Body Armour

A body armour guards your mid-body against crashes, falls and debris. It usually includes a chest protector and shoulder pads, while some also come with kidney protection. The armour is usually worn under the jersey. However, some types of protective plating can be worn externally.

For added safety, you can also include a neck brace in your arsenal. Motocross neck braces fit well with helmets and body armour. They shield the neck by confining the range of motion. They can reduce the strain on your neck & vertebrae considerably by absorbing or redirecting the force of impact.


Next to helmet and body armour, good Boots must be a part of your Motocross gear. They protect your ankles, shins, calves, and feet from pebbles and uneven ground, especially during steep turns while racing.

Boots are usually made of leather with plastic plates, though some have steel sole & heel guards.

It’s also advisable to purchase a good pair of socks designed for motocross. Similar to boots, motocross socks go up over your calves. The additional padding fills up space in your boot and can help prevent blisters.

Knee and Elbow Guards

Knee guards or pads shield the leg-joint from impact from debris and in case of crash landings. Although pants and Jerseys offer built-in elbow and knee protection, investing in dedicated Knee and elbow guards go a long way.

Elbow pads may be optional, but it makes sense to go with additional protection. In case of a crash, your arms will come up instinctively, and elbow pads will absorb the impact of the crash.

Jerseys, Pants, and Gloves

Jerseys & pants are built of rip-resistant materials and shield a rider from cuts & scrapes. They also offer padding around the elbows & knees for added protection (though we’ve mentioned above that it’s advisable to buy additional knee and elbow guards). Nylon jerseys and pants are reasonably tough & dry quickly. Some jerseys are made of moisture-wicking fabric, which draws the moisture away from your skin, while others are vented for increased airflow.

Wrapping Up

If you’re thinking about getting into Motocross, make sure you have the right protective gear before hopping on your bike. The ones mentioned in this article must be a part of your list.


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