Top 5 Safe Driving Tips


The majority of drivers are aware of safe driving tips thanks to the decades of advertisements campaigns on safe driving. Despite public awareness, the number of car crashes and fatalities continues to increase.

Unfortunately, many drivers do not follow the road safety tips for commuting and traveling safely. Usually, adults who have gotten comfortable behind the wheel pay less attention to these rules and regulations. Learn crash driving course.

It is time to brush up your driving skills, even if you have been driving for quite long, and freshen up your knowledge on the latest safe driving tips.

Top 5 Safe Driving Tips

Nowadays, cars are equipped with several safety features, however, the responsibility still lies on the motorist to keep himself and other people on the road safe.

The following top 5 safe driving tips will help motorists drive safely.

Wear a Seatbelt

‘Seatbelts save lives’ you have probably heard this phrase a thousand times in different commercials, reminders, and public information campaigns run on TV and social media sites.

As per NHTSA statistics, 50% of the drivers and passengers involved in a car crash were not wearing seatbelts. When worn properly, seat belts reduce injuries and fatalities when a car crash happens.

The possible fate of an unbelted driver is tragic as car crashes send him careening into the dashboard or side window. Buckle up to increase your chances of surviving in case of a car accident.

Minimize Distractions

It is not a big deal for drivers to use a cell phone behind the wheel as many like to talk and text while driving. Often, the cause of accidents is seemingly harmless activities leading to acute injuries or death.

Moreover, eating, applying makeup, playing with electronic devices, or talking with passengers distract drivers. It delays their reaction time by 20% so avoid distractions and keep your eyes on the road

Stay Within Speed Limits

As they say ‘speed thrills but kills’, speeding increases the risk of an accident by 4-5% with every mile per hour you drive.

The time you save by driving over the speed limits is not worth the greater risk associated with speeding. Obey posted speed limits and make sure to drive at an appropriate speed according to the weather conditions.

Don’t Drink and Drive

It is a no-brainer and every driver is aware of this basic safe driving rule, still, about 30% of accidents in the US are alcohol-related.

Intoxication causes multiple impairments including reduced reaction time and coordination and lowers inhibitions. It is a crime to drive drunk, therefore, avoid it at all costs.

Keep a Safe Distance

Keeping a safe distance greatly reduces the risk of collisions. For this purpose, follow the ‘three seconds rule’ for your safety.

Locate a stationary object like a lamppost, sign, or utility pole, when the vehicle in front of you passes the object, start counting. You should pass the same object at least 3 seconds later.

In Brief

Always prioritize safety while driving to keep yourself and others safe on the road. Keep the vehicle properly maintained and repair any potential safety issues before they lead to unfortunate circumstances.


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