Top three F1 cars of all-time


The sport of Formula 1 has now been around for 70 years and as you can expect, the cars have made some remarkable improvements over time. So, with this being the case, here we cover the top three F1 cars in the history of the sport.

Mercedes W07 Hybrid

Mercedes have been the dominant force over the last six seasons in their hybrid-powered car. It has been remarkable and helped Hamilton to break the records he has. Looking ahead to next season and he is again the short-priced favourite for another title. Maine sports betting could be the next market to offer odds on the event and there is no doubt if the state passes the laws to sports betting, then fans will be supporting Hamilton and Mercedes for success next season. The win record for them at present is still not as high as the season McLaren had back in 1988 but there is no doubting the dominance of their car at present. The 2016 season for Mercedes was the key one, with Hamilton winning ten races and Nico Rosberg also picking up nine victories. They were light years ahead of any other cars and why they finished the season with a win rate of 90.4 per cent in the process. The W07 is powered by a PU106C engine and this alongside the design has helped push the car to the lofty heights it has reached. Since using the W07, Mercedes have won every championship and this does not appear likely to be stopping anytime soon, based on the results of this year.


McLaren-Honda MP4/4

Statistically, this is the best F1 car in the history of the sport. The 1988 F1 season saw the car win 15 of the 16 races, only missing out at the Italian Grand prix, due to issues arising for both drivers. This includes Prost’s Honda engine letting go. It also saw the team finish the season with a 93.8 per cent victory rate, which is why this car must be included within this select list. McLaren had taken the engine supply from their rivals and they joined this with the Honda v6 chassis, which resulted in this record-breaking car.

Ferrari F2002

The list must include a car from Ferrari, so it is always difficult to pick the best in history from them. The best way to do this is through the numbers. The 2002 and 2004 cars saw great dominance, winning 15 races in a season but the 2002 car did this in less races, so must be the one included. They were already dominating in this period but introduced this car from the third race of the season in 2002. The car was originally just designed for that season and actually won 14 of the 15 races in that first season. It was powered by a 3.0-litre v10 engine, and by far the best handling, which is why it had such great success. It was also a car that helped Michael Schumacher to great success in the season, so must be included in this select list.

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