Valeo Electrical Systems for Commercial Vehicles


Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles in Australia can be challenging. The landmass between the country’s major cities is vast. Moving goods between these cities take a lot of time and logistical resources. Due to the high demand for commercial vehicle services, the industry is very competitive. As such, profitability depends on your ability to minimize the overhead costs.

Commercial vehicle electrical systems have a significant effect in lowering operational costs. Modern electrical systems can improve safety and fuel consumption. Electrical sensors and monitoring devices can also help reduce the rate of wear of aftermarket parts for trucks. Managing the rate of wear saves maintenance costs by increasing the lifespan of vehicle components.

This article focuses on the electrical systems Valeo develops for commercial vehicles. Read on if you would like to know more about Valeo and its electrical solutions for trucks.

About Valeo

Valeo is a technology company that designs innovative solutions for vehicles all over the world. The company develops smart mobility technology and solutions to improve intuitive driving and carbon emissions.

Valeo’s origins date back to 1923 when Eugene Buisson opened his workshop in Saint-Ouen, France. The company went through various mergers and acquisitions over the years, yet it maintained its core identity. In 1980, the company’s stakeholders came together to form a united brand known as Valeo, which means “I Am Well’ in Latin.

Today, Valeo is a leading provider of original equipment and aftermarket parts for trucks worldwide. The company has more than 110,000 employees and a physical presence in 33 countries. In 2020, Valeo spent 1.66 billion Euros in R&D and recorded sales worth about 16.4 billion euros.

Valeo Electrical Systems

Valeo develops electrical systems for several types of vehicles. For heavy commercial vehicles, the company focuses on improving fuel consumption and safety. Valeo’s electrical systems for commercial vehicles fall into the following categories;

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Improved Driver Assistance

Valeo also develops electrical systems that improve the interactivity of commercial vehicles. This is done through a digital virtual system known as Valeo InBlueTM. The digital system enhances vehicle sharing and remote monitoring.

1. Improved Fuel Economy

The operational costs of a commercial vehicle are closely tied to the management of fuel. One of the most effective ways to improve your margins is to reduce fuel consumption. Below is a list of some electrical solutions developed by Valeo to improve fuel consumption.

  • Valeo 48V-Alternator
  • Valeo 48V-Starters
  • Transmission Automation

Valeo’s 48-volt starters and alternators are ideal for the development of hybrid and fully electric vehicles. The implementation of electric powertrains reduces the demand for fuel and effectively lowers consumption.

Valeo’s automated transmission systems improve the management of thermal flows and fuel consumption. By reducing reliance on the driver’s action, transmission automation reduces fuel losses due to delayed reactions and human error.

2. Improved Driver Assistance

Driver assistance systems are designed to enhance rather than replace the driver of a commercial truck. These systems improve the delivery of information to the driver to simplify the decision-making process. Driver assistance systems increase driver reaction speeds and accuracy significantly. Below are some of Valeo’s electric driver assistance systems for commercial vehicles.

  • Rain-Light Humidity Sensors
  • Front and 360Vue® Cameras
  • Top Column Modules (TCM)
  • Head-Up Display
  • Smart Face Plate

Valeo’s electric sensors and cameras increase your driver’s visibility. The Valeo 360Vue®camera, for example, provides a 3600 view of the parking environment, making it easier to park your truck safely.

Valeo’s sensors can measure the ambient weather conditions and make automatic adjustments to your vehicle to suit. The Rain-Light Humidity Sensor, for example, detects the levels of humidity in the air and adjusts your air conditioning system to prevent your windscreen from misting up. This sensor also measures the ambient light levels and engages your headlights or low beams to improve visibility.

Valeo has positioned itself at the front line of vehicle technology. The company’s innovative solutions are aimed at shaping the future of the vehicle industry. Valeo’s solutions for the commercial vehicle industry are based on addressing tomorrow’s challenges today.

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