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Some car owners debate the issue of getting a vehicle protection plan (also called an extended warranty), believing that it will only be an unnecessary expense. The truth is that this type of protection is essential to ensuring that the vehicle is maintained and any issue that requires repair or replacement is given immediate attention by a professional.

Some of these issues need not be caused by accident. Many problems that end up as expensive repairs result from everyday wear-and-tear. Even the most durable and well-maintained cars will later succumb to damage caused by regular use.

Wear-and-Tear Explained

Wear-and-tear in vehicles refers to the damage and deterioration of parts and components that result from exposure and everyday use. This is merely a part of the vehicle’s depreciation.

By the nature of their function, certain parts are far more susceptible to wear-and-tear than other parts. Bearings and fan belts, for example, become worn down due to friction and are likely to be replaced earlier. This is why certain parts or components in older vehicles and those used more often show more damage due to wear and tear.

Naturally, these parts and components must be repaired or replaced to allow the car to perform efficiently and safely. However, specific policies may not cover vehicle wear and tear, so an extension of that warranty in the form of a vehicle protection plan should be considered.

Basic vehicle insurance only covers what is categorized as “sudden and accidental,” referring to sudden events that lead to damage. On the other hand, wear-and-tear happens over time and does not necessarily rely on one specific event to occur.

Parts, components, structures, and devices in the vehicle will eventually become worn, decay, and erode, especially when the vehicle does not receive regular maintenance. Even with regular maintenance, the vehicle will eventually depreciate – slowly, of course, but the deterioration will ultimately occur.

Common Vehicle Wear-and-Tear Issues

Common Vehicle Wear-and-Tear Issues

Veritas Global Protection has been providing vehicle protection plans for over ten years. According to the company, the most common wear-and-tear issues that car owners complain about are the following:

Suspension Arms

These are a part of the system that makes a smooth ride. The arms connect to the spring to allow them to compress and release during driving. Suspension arms also function as fulcrums to control the quality of the ride and make it easy to handle when in motion. Suspension arms deteriorate because of constant exposure to stress.

Ball Joint

Ball joints typically become damaged after the vehicle has been used for several years. They also tend to become worn out earlier if the car is used regularly on uneven surfaces.

Once ball joints have deteriorated, they can affect the car’s suspension and steering. If it is not replaced and the car is still being used, it could cause the wheel to roll off the car.

Steering Rack

The steering rack works by converting the rotational motion of the steering wheel to linear motion so the wheels can turn. Steering rack failure is usually the result of a worn steering pump or fluid contamination.

The steering rack ensures that the vehicle can be controlled appropriately. Failure to control the vehicle is hazardous, especially when driving at high speed.


Belts play a critical role in ensuring that the car engine runs, driving several components, including the water pump, power steering pump, and alternator. Belts are pretty tough and should last about 150,000 miles under normal usage. However, they become frayed due to friction or misalignment in pulleys and worn-out bearings.

Brake Pads

Brake pads put pressure on the rotor that connects to the wheel—the pressure results in friction that either stops or slows down the vehicle. Brake pads become worn prematurely over time in vehicles driven on congested highways.

In most cases, the front brake pads require replacement earlier than the rear pads. This is because each time the brake is applied, the vehicle’s weight is transferred to the front.

Wheel Alignment

Wheels become misaligned over time, thanks to regular use. They develop this issue earlier if the vehicle is often used in rough road conditions. This issue typically causes the vehicle to list or tilt to one side, even without manipulating the steering wheel.

Are You Covered?

A vehicle protection plan will outline the kind of parts and services that will be covered under a specific policy. Not all vehicle protection plans cover every wear-and-tear issue, and some cover more than others, mainly if the part or component is considered a service item that must be replaced regularly under routine maintenance.

When considering a vehicle protection plan to extend coverage for your vehicle, it is essential to determine the type of parts and components covered under the policy. Knowing what you can expect will help you decide which plan to purchase and what to expect in the future.

Veritas Global Protection

Veritas Global Protection is a company that provides vehicle service protection and warranties to clients around the globe. It was founded in 2011 by Elijah Norton, who wanted to apply innovative vehicle care and protection approach.

Using this approach, the company grew over the years and is now a trusted partner to some of the country’s largest dealer agencies and groups. It has recently expanded to Canada, South America, and Central America, partnering with WAGAS to service the Latin American market.

Veritas Global Protection offers coverage for cars, RVs, power sport, exotic, and electric vehicles. A rated-A company, Veritas Global Protection believes that the best service they can offer to their clients is assurance that they and their vehicles are protected and will receive the necessary assistance when and where it is required.

Veritas Global Protection wants to create value by offering its clients only the best innovative and creative solutions.


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