Want a Successful Airport Transfer? Here are 10 Crucial Tips to Remember



As a seasoned traveler, I know it takes a lot of planning and organizing to organize a successful airport transfer. After a tiresome flight, you don’t want to waste more time at the airport or take a bumpy ride to your hotel. In this article, we are going to share with you proven tips to ensure that you move from the airport to your hotel smoothly and vice-versa. Below are the 10 must-know tips for a successful car service to airport transfer.

1. Ask for a written quotation

It’s important to have a quote in writing that shows the fixed price prior to booking your airport transfer. Ask the Flughafentaxi Wien company if there will be any other costs like waiting charges, premiums when you travel at night, or parking fees, etc. As a reputable car to airport service company, Lavish Ride doesn’t charge more than the price indicated on our website.  You won’t have to contend with further additional fees, and there are certainly no hidden charges.

2. Make Sure Your Phone is on Upon Arrival

Your airport transfer company’s driver is going to call you to find you when you land, which is why you need to be on when you touch down. Ensuring that there is a direct line of communication will enable a less stressful and easier process. Immediately you land, make sure your phone is on, as this will make it easier for the chauffeur to get in touch with you should anything be amiss.

3. Provide important information

It’s recommended to share as much information as possible about your travel arrangements. It should be easy to include this information in a good online booking form. You should be able to include the number of people that will be traveling, drop-off address, pick-up address, flight numbers, terminal information, and other special information.

4. Look Beyond the Price

Airport transfers should not just be pegged on the budget because doing so can easily work become more. For example, when you lose some of your luggage, miss your flight, and get lost to the point you don’t know where to go. Another option could be arriving late at the airport and walk a mile or two to catch your train or bus. Factor in additional travel costs to get to the train station, bus terminus, or the airport.

5. Book online

Book earlier to be guaranteed the availability of the vehicle and ensure that you are armed with a written record of the booking. Also, ensure you have obtained a confirmation to that effect from the company. In case anything goes wrong, you will have a written record that you can always revert to and check. Lavish Ride sends you a booking confirmation voucher containing all the transfer details.  Be sure to check out chauffeur cars adelaide for great options.

6. Do not Hesitate to Communicate with your Driver

In case you need anything while on the journey to and from the airport, you are free to ask your driver. Even if you want to know where you can drop by for a meal or some refreshments, your driver is a great resource. Feel free to ask your driver to pull by a shop if you forgot something. This also allows the driver some leeway to stretch legs. It is what sets a quality town car service Houston from an average one.

7. Make Use of a Meet and Greet Service

For better facilitation of your passage through the airport lounge, experts recommend that you use a meet and greet service. Although you get a driver to help you with your luggage, you also get an opportunity to use the loo or grab a cuppa coffee before setting off the road. Better still, if you use a highly professional and insured chauffeur, you will benefit from their knowledge of all the parking procedures. These chauffeurs will usually be punctual and can find parking much more easily than you.

8. Confirm the date

You can easily make a mistake when hiring an airport transfer service. The time difference can make you be confused about arrival dates. Make sure you check and confirm the time as well as the date of arrival to lessen any chances of conflict with the schedule. Ensure your airport transfer service is kept informed in case there are delays or changes in your flight.

9. Note down the Registration Number

You never know when you might need to call the driver of your car. It could be that you have forgotten a hat or an important device like a camera in the car. Noting the registration number of the car makes it easy to recover your lost items.

10. Consider Your Needs

People have different traveling needs. You could have cargoes that are too large, need to transport surfing equipment, or you may just be traveling for an exhibition. Remember to let your driver know of this early enough, so he chooses the vehicle to use appropriately.

Things You Will Need To Double-Check

The following are the things you have to check doubly when booking your airport transfer:

Ask your chosen airport transfer service to give you a quotation specifying everything, and make sure that you read the T&C.

Check to be sure that you supplied the correct information

Doubly check the airport that you are flying from and the flight number.

Also, make sure the details of the person whose name is done the booking are correct.

Read to ensure that you have entered the pick-up address correctly.

Look again to specify the number of children and adults that will be traveling

Check the luggage requirements as well as the number of pieces you are

allowed to transport

Make sure the contact number indicated on the form can be used to reach you.


There are a lot of things that you need to get right when arranging to go to or from the airport for your flight. For instance, you need to secure a car that will carry any special or unique luggage that you have. Another important thing is to ensure that you have, in writing, a booking confirmation that always has your back in the unlikely event that things don’t go according to the plan. The above tips will ensure that you don’t put a foot wrong when choosing an airport transfer service.

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