What Is Included In Car Detailing


Car maintenance is an important ritual that you have to do to keep your car clean. Besides, there are numerous other benefits of properly having your car detailed. It can also help to increase your car’s lifespan and the resale value if you ever want to try to sell your vehicle in the future. A lot of elements are included when you are choosing to get your car detailed, and you can opt to get the best and most local auto dealing company to give you refined services.

With the right company, you can make your car look and feel as good as new with the detailing services. We are here to help you with all the details about what is included in car detailing services. Find out what services are included in car detailing and how they benefit your car’s appearance.

Services included in car detailing

A car detailing service includes proper cleaning of your cars inside and out. As much as the exterior of your car needs cleaning, the interior also needs a thorough cleaning. You can deep clean your car’s interior and exterior with the right detailing service. Here is the list of things that are done in car detailing:

Washing the exterior

Your car will inevitably collect large amounts of dust, dirt and debris throughout the day whenever you take it out for a ride. Of course, these particles cannot be cleaned just with water and more thorough washing is often needed. You need to clean it properly with mild soap or shampoo. The car detailing service offers proper shampooing of the car from the outside. It cleans every hard-to-reach corner of the car to keep it squeaky clean. The windows are also cleaned from the outside to make them look completely new and rid the film of dust that could obstruct a clear view of the window.

Waxing of the car

Wax is often applied to your car during the car detailing services. During this time, a layer of wax is added to your car over the clear coat or the paint of your car. The wax coating can help in protecting your car’s colour as well as it can add some sheen or polish to your car. This can make your car look as good as new from the outside. This wax layer can fade away with time, and you need to apply the coating again.

Vacuuming the interior

As much as the exterior of your car is susceptible to dust and dirt, your car’s interior can also get dirty. It is the fine dust that can make the interior of your car look dirty. Hence, vacuuming is the best way. With the help of vacuuming, car detailing services clean all the dirt and debris from every corner of your car. They vacuum the seats, mats, ducts and everything in your car’s interior.

Cleaning the vents

Though people give very little attention to the vents, they can potentially have more dust than anywhere else. Hence, cleaning the vents and ducts is important. The best auto dealing companies can take care of it easily. They have the right tools and equipment for cleaning your car’s vents and AC ducts easily and efficiently.

Shampooing the interior

Although vacuuming is a necessary step to clean a car’s interior, it will not do everything. Though it can help you to get rid of loose dirt and dust, the germs and bacteria in the seat can still be present, which is why shampooing the car interior is essential. Not only should the seats be shampooed, but the steering, mats, doors, windows, gears and everything that is inside the car needs thorough and proper cleaning. It can help you to get rid of the germs and bacteria from the interior, making it squeaky clean and hygienic.


These are some important steps that an experienced and reliable auto dealing company will take to detail your car properly. You need to look for the best Canadian company offering superior and unmatched auto detailing services. This service needs proper precision and care. So, make sure to choose the best company, especially the ones experienced in dealing with high-end vehicles like Lexus, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Tesla and Jaguar. You should take a look at their car detailing services, including the polishing and waxing services, to take complete care of your vehicle. These steps can ultimately make your car look as good as new.

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