What’s a Load Slide And Why Does Your Car Need It


Are you having a hard time taking out your gear from the trunk of your car every time you need it? Are you sick of hurting your knees from climbing in and out of your truck? Do you need to take out every toolbox and bag to find your things? If so, it’s time to upgrade and get yourself a loading slide.

What’s A Load Slide?

A load slide is a retractable bed slide built into the trunk of your car. It’s a contoured platform made to give you better access to your cargo. With such equipment, you won’t have to worry about hard-to-reach corners since you can extend the platform by 75% and look for your things effortlessly. In other words, it’s the ultimate slide for an accessible ride.

In addition, you could get a loading slide that fits your lifestyle. For example, if you’re one to go on smooth drives, you could get a standard load slide to help you with your cargo. In contrast, you could get extreme-duty load slides for rough terrain. You can find a shop with a wide range of quality accessories if you want both.

Moreover, you could try a one-stop shop like Off Road Central 4×4 Equipment if you’re looking for product range. Here you’ll find quality and reputable load slides to accommodate your activities – whether on concrete or off-terrain safely.

What Sizes Are Available?

Load slide sizes vary from small to medium and large. A standard small-sized slide has a length of 59.6 inches, a width of 44.3 inches, and a height of 4.4 inches. A medium slide has a length of 59.6 inches, a width of 47.2 inches, and a height of 4.4 inches. Lastly, a large-sized slide has a length of 70.9 inches, a width of 44.3 inches, and a height of 4.4 inches.

Additionally, you could get a loading slide for your specific car. Doing so allows you to get exact measurements with vehicles of the same interior and trunk. If you have a Nissan, Toyota, Ford, or Mitsubishi, you could choose your load slide using these. Another option is to get a custom-sized load size concerning your preferences. Moreover, you could get a loading to slide smaller or larger than the standard sizes and one suited to your taste.

Can You Install It Yourself?

A load slide is relatively easy to install since all you need are essential hand tools, an electric drill, and the installation instructions. With these three tools, you can install your load slide with ease. The same goes if you choose a loading slide with cabinets. The installation comes in as easy as pie since you’d have a guide to help you.

However, you could even get a team of experienced installers to do the work if you aren’t confident with the installation process. Moreover, you get a professional to install your load slide according to the manufacturer’s standards.

Why Should I Get It?

If you’re still unsure whether you should get a loading slide, these three benefits will surely change your mind:

Easy Access

The primary purpose of a loading slide is to give you a convenient chance to unload or load your gear with an extending grate in your truck. With this, you won’t have to experience aches whenever you do so, as you can easily access your things without taking out all the items in your car.

You won’t have to bend over or twist your body to get your gear. You won’t have to unload and load your gear the old-fashioned way. With a loading slide that extends until 75% and holds at least 250kg when extended, your trunk’s storage space will feel brand new. You could even reduce any potential back problems too.


Your safety is never compromised with a loading slide, even if you carry heavy gear. There is always a wide selection of load slides that vary in weight capacities, so you don’t need to be alarmed. Moreover, you can read up on load guides for light and heavy vehicles to load your gear safely. With this, you ensure you’re correctly restrained according to your load weight and your car’s mass limits.

In addition, you could even opt for multiple latching positions for your slide to keep you extra safe. For example, you could secure your slide at the bottom, or you could latch your slide at the sides as well. By doing so, you take the extra safety precaution of securing your gear without possibly falling over. Nevertheless, your safety is always covered with a loading slide.

Final Thoughts

A load slide will do wonders to give you accessible and safe storage space. Likewise, it comes in different sizes to accommodate your needs and preferences. It can even allow you to make installations yourself or with a professional. Moreover, you can expect your load slide to significantly help you, so get yours now and experience its wonders.


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