Wheel Size and Its Effect on Car Performance


Wheels on the cars consist of the tires as well as the rim. So when it comes to your car’s performance, its wheels are an important aspect that you need to consider. Not only do they affect the car’s performance, but also the noise, comfort, and vibration produced when driving the car.

Many people don’t know that wheel size impacts car performance. So if you did not know about this fact, and are thinking about changing wheels, then you need to read this first. You can learn all about the effect of various wheel sizes on car performance as well as the quality of ride. It will also help you determine which you should opt for to improve comfort and performance.

1. Speed

A larger diameter of the wheel will compromise the speed of your car. A larger diameter wheel makes the tire much heavier. Thus, the speed of your car will be slower during acceleration. So do not opt for larger diameter wheels.

2. Turns

Your wheel size also impacts the way you can turn on the corners. With larger wheels, you cannot make sharp turns, especially at high speed, because there will be a risk of the overturning of your car. However, with smaller-sized wheels, you can make sharp turns easily and swiftly.

3. Comfort

A larger wheel size means larger tires, and large tires are hard. So if you opt for a large wheel size, then you will be putting your comfort at risk. You will feel every bump and vibration produced during your drive.

4. Stability

To increase your car’s stability, you should change to a bigger wheel size. With bigger wheels, your braking distance will be reduced significantly, while a smaller wheel requires a bigger distance. So the shorter the distance, the better for the car.

5. Suspension

Larger wheels also mean that your suspension will be affected negatively. Since these wheels are heavier in weight, they have a bigger impact on the surface they are on and, in turn, affect the suspension. Smaller wheel size will be better for you in this case.

6.  Fuel usage

A larger wheel size means that there will be increased fuel usage by your car. Since the wheels are large, the car will require more power and strength to roll wheels. But due to improvements in technology, usage of fuel has improved among all types of tires. You can buy wheels from Enkei wheels, which are the biggest brand of alloy wheels. Not only do they look good but they also offer the best performance.

7. Capacity of load

Load capacity is the amount of weight the car’s tire can hold. You can get much more load capacity with a larger wheel size.


So these are some of the aspects that are affected when it comes to the size of the wheels. Hopefully, this would have helped you understand the effect of wheel size on car performance. So before you think about making changes, it is important to know what you are looking for.

If you are looking for stability and a shorter braking distance, then you should opt for larger wheels. But if you are looking for lesser vibration, comfort, and speed, then it’s best you go for a smaller wheel size.  So know what you want, and make a wise decision.


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