Who is Hyper NFT?


NFTs are taking off in seemingly every possible direction these days. Pretty much anything you can think of can have an NFT made for it. It was only a matter of time before something came along that laid claim to the title Hyper NFT.

So what is the winning subject? Well, thanks to blockchain entrepreneur Thomas Gavache, it is a digital space for high-end cars. Hypercar enthusiasts gather to share their digital collectibles with one another in the Hyper NFT sphere. Car fanatics have always been a particularly enthusiastic lot, of course, so they became an ideal target audience for the right entrepreneur looking to get into the NFT world.

What is a hypercar, and how did the whole idea come about?

Hypercars are cars that are intended to encapsulate all the most exciting components of supercars, including parts, speed, rarity, and of course appearance. Gavache saw the potential for something greater among hypercar enthusiasts and wanted to create a digital space where these super vehicle lovers could all come together.

What Hyper NFT hopes to accomplish is the creation of model cars using parts from different high-end companies, and have them be available on the blockchain for purchase. Hyper NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain, and like all NFTs, are considered a safe and reliable asset because they are encrypted with owner information and are fully non-transferrable.

The idea for Hyper NFT was conceived in 2017 and now includes over 300,000 tokens. The project was initially pitched under the banner “Money Can’t Buy,” and it immediately started attracting auto fans from far and wide, with interested buyers eager to snatch up a piece of automotive fame.

The first completed model of the blockchain became known as the R-01, and it came out of the blockchain game REVV Racing. It sold for $100,000. Hyper NFT creators envision many different avenues for their owners, including racing among completed cars, with winners receiving prize money.

NFAST Hypercars

One type of hyper NFT that is becoming fiendishly traded among enthusiasts is NFAST hypercars. The purpose of NFAST hypercars is to put together high-end sports cars in the Metaverse in the same way that they would be in the physical world. Ultimately, the cars are utilized by blockchain companies such as REVV Racing. NFAST is working on the development of augmented reality (AR) platforms so that potential owners can construct model cars according to their own personal preferences. These models will then contain their own NFTs.

Beyond the vehicles themselves, the project is branching out into related digital directions. Enthusiasts can collect digital hyper drivers, take part in the hyper car museum, and witness the process of hypercar manufacturing. There is also hypercar merchandise available for sale.

In addition, there are supercar workshops, auto events of different sorts, and even VIP parties for NFT owners. The phenomenon could soon come to include any number of different auto-related components.

Is this all legit?

Like many of the projects coming out recently in the NFT sphere, Hyper NFT was initially met with skepticism and some degree of incredulity about its legitimacy. The idea of putting parts together digitally to create supercars just sounded too far fetched for reality in many people’s opinions. What would they turn into in the end? Would these vehicles really be something that people would want to own and use? Would the whole thing justify the costs involved?

In fact, not only is the project legit, it is thriving. And quite a few reputable companies are getting involved. IBM, Samsung, and Microsoft are just a few of the companies that have endorsed the project.

Will it last?

Of course, no one can predict what the future will hold for the idea. LIke everything crypto-related, it could all go boom-and-bust quite fast if one or more critical components of the project go awry.

But we are living in an age of experimentation. And projects like this will continue to be undertaken. Some will succeed, some will fail. But the overall tendency definitely leans towards the permanent growth of NFTs in general, and ideas such as this will help build on the creative foundation that will enable the blockchain world to cement itself in society in the long term.



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