Why Are Ferraris So Expensive?


They are expensive because they are unique and exclusive. Here are some more reasons why Ferraris are expensive.

The unique, distinctive design. A lot of financial resources have been invested in the creation of it. Well here it’s obvious, all Ferrari models look simply stunning.

Powerful engines and trendy technology. That is what Ferrari is known for — they drive fast and have excellent handling and other characteristics of supercars.

Hand-built. Almost all Ferrari cars are hand-assembled, which of course increases the cost.

Brand. For many years they have been creating fast cars with exclusive designs. They are one of the first who started to create race cars. And in the eyes of all people, just one word Ferrari is associated with speed and awesomeness, and as well, with expensiveness. However, you do not need to buy this piece of art from the world of cars in order to feel it. Ferrari rental Abu Dhabi provides such an opportunity.

Below we will present a list of the most unique and expensive models.

1975 FERRARI 308 GTB

The exorbitant price of this model puts the Ferrari 308 GTB at number 10. Perhaps it became so popular because of its participation in the popular U.S. detective series “Magnum P.I.”


The power of the car is 296 hp. The real value lies in the fact that only 11 Ferraris of this model were produced in two years (1953-54). The value is over $1 million.

1966 FERRARI 330 P3

The first Ferrari with fiberglass doors. Before that, aluminum was used. There is one seat in the interior, in the front at the very center, which is heavily tilted back.

1958 FERRARI 412 S

This car didn’t have an easy history. It failed in its first race and was sent out to be reworked. After some modifications, it broke the track speed record at the 1960 Los Angeles race, reaching 290 km/h.

1953 FERRARI 340

There are only 3 cars of this model in the world, making it one of the rarest. Enzo Ferrari added 375 hp to it, thanks to which it won every prize in European races for several years.

1957 FERRARI 625

There are only two such cars. Weighing less than a ton, and 320 hp under the hood. In 2012, one of them was sold at an auction in Monaco.

1959 FERRARI GT 250

Initially, these Ferraris came out in two series — racing and for street use. The company worked on the development of this model for almost 10 years. It is known for the fact that it smoothly enters sharp turns.


280 hp and 50 cars in the world. Is a favorite of many Hollywood celebrities. Now the company is thinking about producing another batch of these cars.


The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa was sold for $16 million at auction in 2011. The car won many races and awards at Le Mans in 1958. The Ferrari factory worked long hours to restore many of the 250 Testa Rossa series cars that were in good condition (including the color of the car).

1962 FERRARI 250 GTO

This model was made especially for Sir Stirling Moss, a British racing legend. Unfortunately, Stirling never raced the 250 GTO as he suffered serious damage in a car accident, putting a complete end to his racing career. The 250 GTO won many races at Le Mans and other tracks throughout the 1960s. The car is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in 6 seconds.


Ferrari has always been a unique brand among cars. It can be adored or hated, but no one is sure to remain indifferent after having seen this car. The main task of Ferrari is to be unique and emotional and it successfully copes with this task.

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