Wireless Data Loggers In The Auto Industry: Quick Review

Data loggers play an important role in the auto industry. They are widely used in the transportation sector where they keep a watchful eye over various conditions related to cargo. Data loggers provide vital information about the conditions under which assets are moved from Point A to Point B as well as when those assets are sitting idle in storage. In this article, we will take a closer look at what wireless data loggers do in these settings and at new developments in data logger technology that make data loggers an even more critical component within auto industry.

What A Transport Data Logger Is Used For

Transport data loggers are included as part of cargo that’s being shipped. They are used to monitor the environmental conditions encountered by the cargo in storage and during transit to other locations. The conditions that are monitored are typically related to temperature and humidity, and data loggers are almost always used if  sensitive assets are being transported. Examples of this would be a refrigerated truck hauling food from one location to another.

But there are additional types of incredibly sensitive assets, such as blood, human organs, or vaccines that must be transported from a manufacturing plant or collection facility to a hospital or medical center. Data loggers are critical in these circumstances.

Because transport data loggers use batteries as a primary power source and store the collected data on an internal microprocessor, the device can be operational for very long periods, making it an ideal monitoring tool for long journeys. Plus, the data is stored on the microprocessor and remains safely there until it’s retrieved, even if the batteries die or are inadvertently removed.

New Data Loggers Are Smaller

MSR Electronics GmbH is a Swiss company that has been responsible for the development and production of miniaturized, universal data loggers and radio mini-data loggers. The company has recently released a new mini data logger. Known as the MSR175, this model has a pair of 3-axis acceleration sensors that can record any kind of physical contact that may result in damage to cargo and do so at an extremely high measurement rate. The storage capacity of the MSR175 is more than 2-million events and functions in extreme conditions between -20 degrees and 65-degrees C. This transport data logger can also sample measurements related to pressure, humidity, and light.

New Temperature Data Loggers

In the United Kingdom, Hanwell Solutions Ltd. has designed and manufactured a line of what they are calling Pro Transport Loggers. The company is well-known in the industry and this new line of products is small and reusable. The 43792-TR is an example of the new sensor and transport data logger products being produced by this company. The 43792-TR is a single channel model that contains a 2 pin Lemo socket that accepts remote probes. It records up to 100,000 readings and uses a battery that has a 3-year lifespan. The product includes 24/7 access to the collected data via Android or iOS phone and has access to Hanwell’s newly released EMS Alarms App designed specifically for these products.

New High-Speed Data Loggers

MadgeTech Inc., based in the US, launched a series of new data loggers in early 2021. Their new Oct/Quad line includes an added feature to the data loggers: higher speed. Instead of the typical single reading every two seconds that has been the mainstay of their products, they have amped that up to an astonishing four readings per second. The new line also includes expanded memory capacity, enhanced accuracy, and quicker download speeds. All of this has been jammed into an even smaller size than before, making this a great model for transport data logging.

Bluetooth Comes To Data Loggers

You had to see this coming:T&D Corporation launched an update for a Bluetooth-compatible version of its existing Android app. The update enables smartphone data checking. The company is based in Japan and is known for supplying PC-compatible compact data loggers that monitor both temperature and humidity. In addition. T&D’s TR-7wb Series of wifi-connected data loggers are equipped to connect seamlessly to the company’s cloud-based storage service via wifi. The same action can be completed with the T&D Thermo app. The company has provided both web storage and the app free of charge to their customers. For fast, reliable data monitoring, this is a game-changer.

The Future of Transport Data Loggers

The data logger market continues to explode, partly due to the evolution of technology that has enabled manufacturers to create smaller products with more features and partly because of COVID-19. With a major worldwide uptick in transportation of sensitive assets such as vaccines, the demand for data loggers has increased considerably. A recent study conducted by Research for Markets indicates that the worldwide market for data loggers will top the $210 million range by 2023. There will always be a need for data loggers in the auto industry as long as products are shipped by land.

Final Thoughts

Data loggers are important to the auto industry. They typically monitor the conditions experienced by various types of cargo. Where data loggers are most valuable is in the transport of sensitive assets, but they also serve a great purpose traveling with any other cargo that could be damaged while moving from one place to another. Data loggers also keep an eye out when cargo sits in storage. They collect data that proves whether damage to cargo has occurred and note environmental conditions that may have contributed to that damage. Because revenue is at stake when damage or spoilage occurs, transport companies have turned to data loggers for peace of mind. With the ongoing evolution of technology, transport data loggers have gotten smaller in size but bigger on features, and although projections for the market have dropped from previous estimates, there is no doubt that data loggers will continue to be in demand well into the future.