3 Signs It’s Time to Scrap Your Car


Have you ever wondered, “When’s the best time to buy a car?”

Don’t believe people who say you can score a great deal by going on a busy weekend or right before a dealership closes. You have a better chance of getting a good deal if you buy a car on a Monday. The months of May, October, November, and December are also good times to purchase a car.

Of course, you don’t need to wait if your daily driver is already on its last legs. You could even make some cash for junk cars. If you’re not convinced, though, here are 3 signs you need to junk your vehicle.

1. Your Car Needs Frequent Repairs

If you’re going to an auto repair shop every month, and you’re spending more money on having your vehicle repaired, consider checking out scrap car dealers in your area.

Don’t wait until your car becomes a non-runner. Just accept that your vehicle is near to completing its lifespan. Plus, if you send it to a reputable scrap yard, you can make money off it, and you can be sure they’ll recycle it properly.

2. You Could Save Money on a New Car

Maybe you’re reluctant to part ways with your old car because it has served you well. You might think, “My car isn’t like those junk cars,” especially if you’ve done your best to maintain it.

Here’s the thing, though. Not all junk vehicles are a kick away from falling apart. Some are still in good condition, and the reason they’re in a scrap yard has to do with better incentives that come with newer cars.

For example, some car dealers offer free basic maintenance and other extras. Rather than paying for costly repairs down the line, you can sell your still decent car to a junkyard and even get some money from it.

3. There Are Life Events That Necessitate a Better Vehicle

If your family is growing, you need a bigger vehicle. Remember, you have to have room for a baby seat, and if you also have dogs, your current car might not be spacious enough.

Aside from space, you also have to think about safety ratings. An older car with a good safety rating might not be good enough for your growing family. You need to look for one with an excellent safety rating so you can be sure it can protect your loved ones.

Even if you’re single, you might still want to junk your car if you’re moving up in the world. If you need to relocate for work, and you can’t drive your old one to your new city, it’s best to send it to a scrap yard.

Want to Know More About Scrap Cars?

Do you think you’re going to let your old vehicle join other scrap cars soon? If you still have some questions, don’t worry.

You can check out our other posts to know more about junk cars. From tips on selling your junker to what to do before you junk your vehicle and more, we have tons of info that can help you.



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