4 Things to Consider While Buying a Refrigerated Van


If you are going to invest in a refrigerated van, you need to do it wisely. It is not something you can buy every day. Hence, that once-in-a-while investment should be worth it.

So before you head out, here are four crucial points to consider before buying a refrigerated van.

1. Smart Temperature Regulators

Refrigerated vans are equipped with intelligent temperature regulation systems these days. You can also refer to them as temperature control zones or spots. That means that the cargo area in these vans can be operated at two or more temperatures simultaneously.

Each temperature zone can be separated from one another with dividers. The sections created inside the cargo space have their own set of air ducts. The temperature for each section is controlled through these ducts. As a result, you can set different temperatures in the same cargo space.

The feature is very helpful when you have to carry different types of items on the same trip. For instance, if you are carrying ice cream and fruits on the same trip, you have to provide two different temperatures for them. With the help of your van’s temperature control zones, you can do that quite easily. As a result, instead of making multiple trips, you can get it all done in one go.

2. Cargo Size and Space

Freezer vans come in various sizes.

First, you have the hatchback-sized vans. These vans are ideal for carrying small loads.

Next, you have medium-sized freezers that are the same size as regular vans.

Finally, you have the much larger ones that are refrigerated trucks. These trucks are widely used for long-distance deliveries of perishable items.

When you are deciding on the size of your freezer van, you need to have a good understanding of your daily operations. If you are running small deliveries, like for pharmaceutical companies or restaurants, you can easily make do with a small van. Anything larger than this will require medium-sized vans. So if you are delivering things like raw meat or fish from one city to another, you could consider buying larger trucks.

3. Running Costs

Price plays a big role in any purchase decision. And a refrigerated van is a huge investment. A small brand new van can cost well over ten thousand dollars. The bigger the size, the higher its price. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy these vans at such high prices. On top of that, you also have to spend a lot on maintaining the vans. Hence, before buying, you need to decide whether you can afford a freezer van or not.

Ford and Mercedes are two popular brands of refrigerated vans. These vehicles (brand new) cost over forty thousand dollars. If you want to save some money, you can buy a used van. They will cost a little less than the new ones. Even so, the prices of used vans might also seem a bit steep to you.

If you cannot afford to buy a freezer van but need one, you might as well rent one. You have the option to rent by the hour or day. The rent itself will vary from place to place. It will also depend greatly on the size of the van you are renting and the facilities it can provide you.

If you are still confused as to whether you should rent or buy a refrigeration van, click here to learn more about each option. And while you are at it, you should also consider checking out some of the vans and their prices.

4. Range and Economy

The operational costs of refrigerated vans and trucks are undoubtedly higher than those of regular vans and trucks. These freezers have to maintain strict temperature ranges, which consume a lot of fuel. Besides, they also need to travel long distances at times.

So, take the range and fuel economy into account while choosing a freezer van. This is especially important if you plan on doing long-distance deliveries using large refrigerated trucks. On average, a regular-sized refrigerated van will do a little over 35-38 MPG. However, it can vary depending on the cargo load, traffic, and road conditions.

When you head out to buy yourself a freezer van, do not forget to consider these points. Given how big of an investment you are making, you would not want it to go wrong. Thus, think twice before you make any decision. And most importantly, do your research properly before you make the purchase.

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