5 Common Things Shipped In the Freight Industry


With the trucking industry expanding so rapidly, many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for freight broker resources to start something of their own.

But have you ever wondered what freight agents actually do?

They help in safely transporting goods from one location to another, locally and globally.

Read the blog to know the types of things you can transport through your freight business.

1. Automobiles

Well, this should not come as a surprise. Automobiles and car parts are one of the commonly shipped commodities, both in terms of weight and value.

For instance, Germany is famous for exporting the world’s best cars and Japan is known for exporting refurbished and used cars.

If we go by the industry stats, the difference between the number of cars on the road made in the USA (54.49%) and those shipped from overseas (45.51%) is nothing significant.

That speaks for the reliance of the Automobile industry on the cargo shipping and freight services.

2. Furniture items

Do you know the expense of furniture imported in the US in 2019 was nearly 67.2 billion dollars?

The emergence of new companies and growth in eCommerce has sparked the demand of premium and designer furniture items globally.

Oftentimes, it is difficult to transport heavy, large, and in some cases very fragile furniture parts.

When transported via a freight company, all the precautions are undertaken to ship products anywhere in the world.

3. Electronic devices

Have you ever thought about how your iPhones or Laptops made in China, Korean, Taiwan or any other country reach your city?

Electronic devices such as computers, smart TVs, and phones make up a large percentage of what’s packed inside those shipping containers.

Electronic companies use different transportation modes such as air, ship, trucks, and trains to get your products delivered safely and on time.

Freight shipping companies use high-quality packaging material and temperature-controlled containers for breakable and expensive electronic devices.

4. Food items

Food items are shipped differently than other goods. Food is a perishable item and hence need to be transported in a temperature-controlled environment.

Although, some food items are exempted from this condition.

For instance, food items such as dairy products and meat require temperature-controlled trucks or cargo containers. But dry food can be sent in a general carrier.

Before any shipment, a freight company will determine the type of transportation that food cargo requires. This primarily decides the freight quote as well.

5. Sports equipment

From a simple hockey stick to bulky gym equipment, sports equipment is definitely a popular shipped item in the world.

The shipment of sports goods also includes spare parts used to build bats, balls, and tables—as well as toys, puzzles, and other accessories.

All this is transported in bulk. So, a normal truck or van does not suffice the purpose, especially if the sports equipment is specialised and needs careful handling while transporting.

In the end…

The freight industry is responsible for efficient and easy transportation of all types of goods from one place to another.  You can consider all kinds of options like shipping from Singapore to Germany and others.

In fact, it is the reason why Chinese electronic devices are so popular all around the world, and oil from Saudi Arabia can be made available to any corner of the earth.

What do you think of the blog? Do comment below!

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