5 Major DON’Ts To Avoid Traffic Collisions


According to the Association For Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), approximately 1.35 million people in the entire world lose their lives during road accidents every year. Because of this, ASIRT considers road accidents fatalities and disabilities as a global epidemic. With most of the population always on the road every single day, travelling to work, school, etc., it’s now like you’re risking your life every time you drive. Reckless and negligent drivers are oftentimes the cause of traffic collisions.

If you are here for precautions, here’s the first thing that you should do: get car insurance. Getting into traffic collisions is still unforeseeable and is, sometimes, not even your fault. Take the extra security and read a vehicle insurance guide to know what you can avail.

However, if you really value lives, there are things that you should follow at all times for you to avoid getting into a traffic collision.

1. Don’t drive under the influence

Based on statistics, someone gets injured every 120 seconds because of traffic collisions caused by drunk drivers. We all know how drinking alcohol or taking drugs affect our mental capabilities. Walking under the influence is hard enough, what more is navigating a vehicle? Be reasonable. Do not drink if you are driving – do not drive if you are drinking.

2. Don’t get distracted

Cellphones are oftentimes the cause of distracted driving. When on a long-distance drive, drivers tend to entertain themselves from feeling sleepy or bored. However, fiddling your stereo or using your phone will make you not notice the pedestrian crossing on the road. The next thing you know, you’re in a traffic collision. Turn your cellphone off before you drive for you not to get distracted along the way. You should also set-up your stereo and put in the music you want to play beforehand. If you want to check on something, park your car properly first.

3. Don’t tailgate

Keep your distance with the vehicle in front of you. In most areas, tailgating is already an illegal practice. Give a distance between you and the other vehicle for him or her to have enough space for stopping. Exercise more caution during the rainy days when the road is wet.

4. Don’t exceed the speed limit

Another dangerous driving practice during the rainy day is overspeeding. Driving beyond the speed limit, especially on wet roads, will take you straight in a traffic collision.

5. Don’t violate traffic signs

Traffic signs are there for a reason. They help maintain the orderliness of traffic. Follow them at all times and do not tolerate those who disobey them – easy as that.

6. Don’t forget to get your car checked regularly

It is important to maintain your car’s engine and get your tires checked. Even regular oil change is a must. You don’t want to go in a long drive not knowing that your car is so close to malfunctioning. Avoid traffic collisions by making sure that your car is in good condition.

In case you ignored all these 5 reminders and got yourself involved in a traffic collision, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney to assist you. If you are from Georgia, Geiger Legal Group, LLC has attorneys that specialize in car accidents.

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