All You Need To Know About Rims and Their Care

Aluminium is the choice metal for rims in cars and trucks. It means they need the care to ensure safety, performance, and long-life. The retail tyre industry grew at a pace of 2.3% in the five years ending in 2019-20. The rate is relatively good because tyres and rims are durable and need less replacement.

Rims are something that we rarely put our minds to, but you should. Although long-lasting, they still need some attention. Remember these things when you are in the rim shop the next time.

Wash Rims Regularly

Polished rims make a style statement. Before you go on buff them to perfection, make sure that you wash off any dust and debris. Use a non-acidic soap to avoid corrosion. A soft brush will clean the nooks and crannies. Remember, the more intricate the spook design, the more dust it gathers. So, clean thoroughly. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always have it done at a rim shop.

Clay for the Shine

For this, you need detailing clay and lubricant. Don’t use the same clay for paint and rims. Spray lubricant on the rims and then using a soft cloth, apply pliable clay, and start buffing one small portion at a time. Claying before polish makes sure that your wheels are the buffest on the road.

Polish for the Buff

The last step to buff wheels is to polish them. If your wheels have been clear coated, you will need to use a less-aggressive polish. If not, use a polish made for metal surfaces. You’ll find all these supplies at your rim shop.

Damaged Rims

While buffed rims are attractive, you need to make sure that you watch for visible/invisible damage. The most obvious damage is bent rims. Make sure that you get it fixed to stay safe on the road.

Lower PSI

When the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your car goes off regularly, it means the bend in your rim has damaged the tyre. The PSI loss can be abrupt or gradual and will result in frequent visits to the air shop. Regardless of the pace of PSI loss, have it fixed immediately to avoid skidding and losing your vehicle’s controls.

Diminished Braking

Each pothole you hit contributes to the damage to your rims. Over time, this can add up to substantial disfigurement of the rims. Bent rims can influence your car’s braking mechanism and cause it to sway sideways when you brake. In traffic, this can be damaging as it may result in hitting another vehicle. Even on an empty road, it can damage your car as it moves sideways when you stop.

Rims, while the most ignored, are an essential part of your vehicle. Not only do they speak about your personality, but they are also a safety threat if ignored. Ensuring that you take care of the above and visit a shop regularly ensures a long and happy rim life.