5 Tips for How to Tint Car Windows on Your Own


On average, window tinting all of your car’s windows can cost up to $400

If you want your windows tinted but don’t want to pay that high of a price, you can always do it yourself. 

Are you interested in car window tinting for your car windows without spending a ton of money? If so, click here to learn 5 tips for how to tint car windows on your own.

1. Make Sure the Windows Are Clear

Before you apply anything to the windows, you should make sure that they are clean and there is no dust or stickers on the windows.

If there are stickers on the inside, make sure that you remove them all because it can mess up the adhesive. 

After you clear the window, you should remove anything in your car that could get in the way. Make sure that you also vacuum the inside to get rid of any dust that might get in the way of the tint film. 

To learn more about tinting the windows, read this article

2. Make Sure Your Measurements Are Accurate

Before you buy your tint, make sure you use a measuring tape and see how much tint you will need. 

Make sure you measure it multiple times so that you don’t buy too little of it. 

Most window tint comes in a roll of all lengths and sizes. Add a little extra to whatever measurement you have so that you make sure you have enough. A good standard is to add an extra two inches for each window.  

3. Roll the Tint On

First, you need to apply tint to the outside of the car. 

Make sure that the tint perfectly conforms to the size and shape of the window. You can do this easily by something called shrinking.

To do this, you can use the application solution so that the film can stick to the window.

Roll out the film’s tint and then place it on the window liner so that it’s facing you. The liner side is the one that peels off.  

4. Apply Tint to Inside

Next, you’ll need to apply the tint to the inside. 

Once you have the shape cut out, you can remove the liner from the actual tint. To easily do this, put masking tape on one side and pull the two apart by holding the tape.

Once you only have the tint, spray the inside of the car window. Then spray the sticky part and apply the tint. 

Once it’s applied, use a scraper blade to adhere the tint to the window. 

5. Check the Laws in Your State

You should also be aware of the laws in your state when applying your own tint.

Each state has a different law as to which percentage of tint you’re allowed to have in your car. 

Make sure that your car has the legal limit or you could be facing a fine later on down the road. 

Learn How to Tint Car Windows on Your Own

Learning how to tint car windows on your own can end up saving you a ton of money if you do it correctly. 

Whether you get it done by a professional or do it yourself, there are so many benefits to tinting your car’s windows.

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