5 Ways to Draw More Power from Your Diesel Engine


Diesel engines are much more fuel-efficient and have lower emissions than other engines. They are an excellent choice for car and truck buyers. If you own a diesel engine vehicle, you may want to improve the engine’s performance and get more horsepower out of it.

Diesel-powered vehicles are suited for business and personal requirements, and people who often tow huge loads require every bit of power that the engine can provide. To get more out of the engine, you need to make upgrades to it.

Here are 5 ways to squeeze out more power from your diesel engine:

1. Upgrade Air Intake

You can improve the performance of diesel engines by improving the air intake system of your vehicle. An upgraded airflow intake system will increase the amount of air that flows into the engine, helping it generate more power.

The new air intake system will draw cold air from the outside, providing more oxygen into the engine compartment, thereby increasing its power output. It also increases fuel efficiency along with an increase in horsepower.

An upgraded air intake system also lowers the engine temperature, extending the life of the engine.  When car owners install a Premium car intake system, they increase the service life of their car’s internal systems. After installing a cold air intake, you must remove the air filter from your car’s engine compartment.

2. Reprogram the ECM

The Engine Control Module or ECM has total control of the engine performance. It can change various vital parameters such as air-fuel mixture, maximum RPM, and much more, to provide more torque and horsepower.

Reprogramming your ECM or purchasing a new one altogether not only increases the power output of your engine, but it can also improve fuel efficiency.

3. New Fuel Injectors

After upgrading your air intake system and setting up your ECM to increase your diesel engine’s performance, you need to upgrade your fuel injectors.

Replacing your fuel injectors will allow more fuel to reach your engine, helping it to deliver more horsepower. Most of the performance fuel injectors have nozzles that create more pressure and atomize the fuel better.

They also create the right pattern required for precise and optimal fuel spray.

4. Turbochargers

Installing a turbocharger can drastically increase the horsepower of your diesel engine. The turbocharger works by pushing more air into the engine and pressurizing the air intake.

Oxygen is required for combustion, and the turbocharger provides more oxygen to the engine and reduces its temperature, thereby increasing the power output and efficiency.

A stock turbo itself increases the airflow three to four times over a conventional diesel engine. However, a performance turbo can increase the airflow from five to ten times over it, thus boosting your engine’s horsepower.

5. Performance Exhaust

After increasing the horsepower of your engine, you need to install a performance exhaust.

Stock exhausts mainly work on noise reduction and have small-diameter pipes with bends and pinches. Whereas performance exhausts come in larger diameters and with fewer bends, allowing better exhaust flow throughout the system.

The wider exhaust system lowers the exhaust gas temperature, allowing the engine to produce more horsepower and torque; and sound better. So, you must visit xforceusa.com if you’re looking for the ideal exhaust system for your vehicle.

A performance exhaust also better allows the engine to handle the extra power generated by the newly installed turbocharger.

This rounds off our list of 5 ways to get more power out of your diesel engine.

Are looking for aftermarket diesel parts like exhausts or air intakes? Visit Canadian Diesel Online warehouse to buy aftermarket performance parts for great prices. Make sure you also visit your diesel engine technician regularly for maintenance checks, to ensure that your engine runs at optimal conditions at all times.

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