6 Online Tools To Help You Work Smarter


Working hard is good but working smarter is better, especially when the pandemic starts to infect the people globally, a lot of employees are forced to work remotely for safety precautions. In this article, we’re going to provide you with a complete list of efficient tools to help you work smarter.

If you’re thinking that you have everything you need to proceed in working, you might need to think that twice. Tools like jpg to pdf online are invented and ready for you to use to save more of your time and focus on the core of your responsibilities.

Without further ado, let’s start our list with Clear Voice.

1. Spy Fu

This online tool is great for SEO professionals and even entrepreneurs who don’t have the luxury to spend time checking the competitors’ strategies, what are the ranking keywords they are using, as well as keeping track of current industry trends.  All you have to do in this tool is to type your competitor’s website link and wait for a few seconds for the tool to analyze and gather data at your convenience.

2. Gogopdf

Gogopdf enables every remote employee to conveniently convert jpg to pdf online without the hassle of using Adobe Photoshop or asking the graphic designer of what you should do. To successfully convert jpg to pdf using Gogo PDF, simply upload the files on their website, wait for the conversion process to finish in just a few minutes. Last but not the least, download the newly converted jpg to pdf file.

3. Infusionsoft

Provided by the Keap company that promises you to do less work but grow your business efficiently. It’s an all-in-one marketing and sales automation solution that comes with a dashboard that you can access analytics, manage the sales process while collecting data about the leads’ behaviour to attract them as much as possible to your business. A great alternative to MailChimp, Infusionsoft has helped almost 82% of users composed of business owners to increase rapidly their conversion rates.

4. Mind Meister

If this is your first time to work remotely, and you’re used to collaborating with your colleagues in an office set up, Mind Meister has got you covered! This is an online tool to help you work smarter especially when you have to conduct brainstorming with colleagues for a project. This enables you to customize the design in the way you’d like it to be, discuss ideas real-time, and obtain a history view in case you need to check previous brainstorming sessions. As a side note here, Mind Meister also features a task management tool to turn your plans into real action for your business, you can also attach multimedia attachment for better presentation with the team.

5. Serene

If you’re a type of a remote worker who is easy to lose focus, there’s no other way but to utilize Serene online tool. You can plan your day and update your to-do list regularly on this online tool. On top of that, Serene blocks App and website that always get in your way whenever you need to beat the deadline. Moreover, Serene online tool is not just for entrepreneurs but also for Marketers to get optimum results, Developers for deep work, Freelancers to get more things done promptly, Designers to have more time for generating creative juice, and most importantly to Writers to obtain the focus level you deserve to let the words flow in your mind while composing articles.

6. Teamwork

Gone are the days where you can only remind your team with a deadline for specific tasks through email or text message. With the help of advanced technology, you can now assign tasks for your office mates with a deadline and specific instructions per project. Teamwork online tool also helps HR Specialist and Accountant when it comes to identifying how many hours does an employee has worked in a span of time and to strictly monitor the cash flow of the business.

Now that you have handy tools to help you work smarter, our list is not yet complete. We have found additional tools to help you increase the productivity rate while you work at home.

Do you heavily rely on customers’ feedback on your products and services? Why not use Formplus where you can integrate with email newsletter you are sending in a weekly and monthly basis? Formplus allows you to design and input questionnaires conveniently with its drag and drop form builder. Furthermore, utilizing Form Plus can make your work more organized and faster, it’s best to use when collecting information for an order form, payment form, and application form.

Working from home during this pandemic can be a little bit lighter when using these online tools. We hope that we can help you to the best way possible that we could.

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