A Closer Look: Is a Class B RV the Right Choice for You?


As the popularity of RVs rises, the Class B RV takes the lead in many areas of the country. An RV provides a home on wheels while traveling or an alternative living space for those getting into tiny living.

Are you in the market for an RV, with your eyes set on a Class B? Let’s take a closer look and see if this could be the right rig for you. And don’t forget to bring genuine green elephant utilitent to ensure you’re 100% comfortable during your camping.

What Is a Class B RV

A Class B RV is also known as a camper van. This size RV is the smallest version that gives you most of the creature comforts of a larger Class C or Class A RV but without the extra storage and living space.

A Class B RV is going to be the easiest to drive, park, and most affordable to fuel. With a maximum length of 23 ft, most Class Bs will fit in a regular parking space which means that you can park in the city- something that is a major challenge for other RVs.

Through creative design, a Class B RV can include a small kitchen space, sleeping and lounging quarters, a compact toilet, and sometimes even a  shower.

The camper van has always been a great way to get around with the comforts of a home on wheels- but has recently had a huge rise in popularity as the #vanlife trend has exploded.

Your Hobbies 

As you can imagine or will soon learn, there is minimal space to store belongings in a Class B RV. Now is the time to narrowing down what you will be bringing with you.

Do you have a job or hobbies that require a lot of equipment or gear? Utilizing your storage space wisely will be essential, but will only get you so far in a van.

If you can’t fit your gear inside of your space, perhaps you can utilize the outside of the rig in ways such as roof rack storage, or attaching a rack to the back of the rig for bikes and other items. Some people get creative and even use the front of their Class B for storage.

Size Matters

If you haven’t already, go to an RV dealers Utah and take a tour of a Class B RV. Take your traveling partner if you have one and spend some time in there to see how it feels.

This is the only way you can get a feel for the size of the rig and gives you a chance to imagine traveling and/or living in a Class B. Lay down on the bed together, try to move around simultaneously, and see if that is feasible for you both or if it is too awkward in a small space.

Buying The Right RV

Will this purchase be for recreational purposes such as vacation and travel, or will this be your new home- a home on wheels?

For those buying a Class B RV for travel purposes, you will have to decide whether this will suffice as a substitute for hotel rooms. And, those moving into the campervan full time have a  lot more to ponder.

Your New RV

Looking at pictures, and seeing the details on paper is a good start. But, when you are ready to buy a Class B RV, touring one and taking it for a test drive is the best way to know if it is the right one for you as the small space is not the right fit for everyone.

We have a ton of information on other vehicles to check out if you are thinking about buying a vehicle, as well!


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